About the library

About The Library

“Creating an Informed and a Life-Long-Self-Learner Society!” 

Jimma University Library System (JULS) was established as University Library in 1999. University library system (hereafter ULS is commissioned to promote the Instructional, Research, and Public Service goals of the entire university community through the expert provision of information.
In its attempt to achieve the mission and objectives of the University, the ULS set out deliberately to function the following:

  • Developing and managing collections.
  • Identifying and providing learning resources to teachers, researchers, and students.
  • Managing available resources efficiently, effectively and economically.
  • Establishing an environment conductive to study which caters for multiple learning styles.
  • Liaising with users to establish their needs and to cooperate with management and other university services to meet these needs.
  • Training users and staffs to develop their information exploitation skills for efficient and effective utilization of information resources.
  • Carrying out appropriate development work in library and information professionalism with the aim of improving library’s multiple purpose services.
  • Maintaining effective links with other systems at domestic as well as international level.