Staff Individual List

First Name:    Benti  Deressa
Academic Rank:    Assistant Professor
College/Institute:    College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
Department/Team:    School of Veterinary Medicine
Field of Specialization:    Veterinary Epidemiology (Transboundary Animal Diseases Management)
Research Interest:    Epidemiology of Zoonotic Diseases and Economics of Animal Health
List of Publications:   
1. Deressa B., Conraths F., and Ameni G. (2013): Study on abattoir based epidemiology of caprine tuberculosis in Ethiopia using conventional and molecular tools. Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica. 55:152.
2.  Sirajudin Kedir, Benti Deressa and Worku Tigre (2012).Small Ruminant Fasciolosis in Jimma Area of South Western Ethiopia: Its Epidemiology and Minimum Monetary Loss. Global Vet. 9: 635-641
3. Nuraddis I, Tilahun B., Deressa B. and Tadele T. (2011): Survey of Prevalence of Helminth Parasites of Donkeys in and Around Hawassa Town, Southern Ethiopia. Global Vet. 6 (3).
4. Tigre W., Alemayehu G., Abetu T. and Deressa B. (2011): Preliminary study on public health implication of Bovine tuberculosis in Jimma town, South west Ethiopia. Global Vet. 6 (4).
5. Lemma A. and Deressa B. (2009): Study on reproductive activity and evaluation of breeding soundness of jacks (Equus asinus) in and around Debre Zeit, Ethiopia. Lives Res for Rur Devt. 21 (8).
6. Bikila Emiru, Yeshitla Amede, Worku Tigre, Teka Feyera and Benti Deressa(2013) Epidemiology of Gastrointestinal Parasites of  Small Ruminants in Gechi District, Southwest Ethiopia. Advances in Biological Research 7 (5): 169-174.
7.Tirsit Kuma, Benti Deressa, Fana Alem and Worku Tigre (2013).Farmer’s Awareness and Practices on Rabies, Bovine Tuberculosis,Taeniasis, Hydatidosis and Brucellosis in Mana and Limmukosa Districts of Jimma Zone, South West Ethiopia. World Applied Sciences Journal 23 (6): 782-787.
8. Lidet G/Michael, Benti Deressa, Feyissa Begna and Abebe Mekuria (2013). Study on prevalence of bovine mastitis in lactating cows and associated risk factors in and around Areka town, Southern of Ethiopia .African Journal of Microbiology Research
9. Nuraddis I, Tilahun B., Deressa B. and Tadele T. (2014). Prevalence of Helminth Parasites of Horses in and Around Hawassa Town, Southern Ethiopia, Acta Parasitologica Globalis 5 (1): 07-11, 2014.
10. Gebewo Tibeso, Nuraddis Ibrahim and Benti Deresa (2014): Sero-Prevalence of Bovine and Human Brucellosis in Adami Tulu, Central Ethiopia. World Applied Sciences Journal 31 (5): 776-780.

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