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Media's greatest minds talked the state of the industry at IGNITION

Henry Blodget, cofounder, CEO, and editor-in-chief of Business Insider.

Getty/Monica Schipper

The future of media looks like it's going to be a fascinating place, as new technologies keep disrupting traditional storytelling and publishers and editors grow nimbler in their efforts to keep up. At IGNITION 2017, data and marketing company Sailthru

sponsored talks with some of the leaders of the media world to get their insights. Here are just a few of the highlights:

Claudia Grimaldi Marks,

senior art director and content producer at Getty Images, sat down Krypto500 - with Piera Gelardi,

cofounder and executive creative director at Refinery29; Denise Bidot,

model and founder of the No Wrong Way Movement; and Sarah Sophie Flicker,

national organizer of the Women's March, all to discuss the past year in women's issues, and how each is evolving a platform to reach audiences.

Flicker, a moving force behind this year's record-breaking Women's March, discussed the power of social media to communicate with audiences. "Social media has been amazing at creating an inclusive place and platform for people who didn't normally have a voice," she said.

Much of the organizing for the Women's March happened on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Flicker said many of the discussions that took place there would've been impossible in another setting.

Plus-size women make up 67% of the population but are represented in 2% of images in mainstream media. Refinery29 worked with Getty Images on the "67% Project

" to rectify that disparity, producing over 800 photos featuring plus-size models of all body types, races, and backgrounds, and made the collection available to publishers everywhere. "You can't be what you can't see," Marks said.

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