Programs of CNS

PhD Programs

  1. PhD in Applied Microbiology
  2. PhD in Mathematics (in five Speciality Areas)
  3. PhD in Information Science

Masters Programs

  1. MSc in Applied Microbiology
  2. MSc in Ecological & Systematic Zoology
  3. MSc in Botanical Science
  4. MSc in Analytical Chemistry
  5. MSc in Inorganic Chemistry
  6. MSc in Organic Chemistry
  7. MSc in Physical Chemistry
  8. MSc in Astrophysics 
  9. MSc in Condensed Matters Physics
  10. MSc in Nuclear physics 
  11. MSc in Quantum Optics and Information
  12. MSc. In Mathematics (Differential Equation)
  13. MSc. In Mathematics (Numerical Analysis)
  14. MSc. In Mathematics (Functional Analysis)
  15. MSc in Information and Knowledge Management
  16. MSc in Electronic and Digital Resource Managment
  17. Masters in Biostatistics
  18. MSc in Sport Management
  19. MSc in Football Coaching
  20. MSc in Athletics Coaching

Undergraduate Programs

  1. BSc in Biology
  2. BSc in Chemistry
  3. BSc in Mathematics
  4. BSc in Physics
  5. BSc in Sport Science
  6. BSc in Statistics
  7. BSc in Information Science