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Research and Innovation on Hay Box Brooder: A Milestone to Increase Poultry Production. Open public lecture on "Hay Box Brooder: A Milestone to Increase Rural Households Poultry Production” was presented by Professor Solomon Demeke on January 04, 2013 at the College of Natural Sciences Multipurpose Hall. During the session, a major research findings and challenges on the area of poultry farming particularly onEthiopian condition were presented. Moreover, key research findings on Hay Box Brooders having 10 to 70 chick’s capacity and their suitability in Ethiopian conditions were highlighted.

Professor Solomon has received over ten national and international awards for the best achievement he contributed for the development of poultry production. Among the awards he obtained, “National Award for Best Achievements in Science and Technology” is for his innovative finding and designing of Hay Box Brooder which is considered to play key role particularly in improving Rural Households Poultry Production.



Professor Solomon has authored and co-authored more than 40 research outputs in peer reviewed national and international journals.  Currently he is a Professor of Poultry Production and Animal Nutrition at the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Jimma University.

Ethiopian Space Science Society Established Branch Office in Jimma University


A day conference was held at Jimma University (college of agriculture and veterinary medicine hall) on astronomy and space science. The objective of the conference was to establish branch office of Ethiopian Space Science Society (ESSS) at Jimma University that facilitates, coordinates and supports the development of this ever growing field in the western and south western region of Ethiopia. The participants of the meeting are from ESSS board members, higher official of Jimma University, representatives of South-western cluster Universities and colleges in the region, representatives of students and teachers from all high schools in Jimma town, Jimma Zone education bureau, Jimma town education office and representatives from Jimma zone administration and Mayor’s office.  The conference was kicked off by the welcome speech of Gelana Chibsa, Head, Department of Physics, Jimma University. He mentioned that the Department has been supporting the activities performed by the club as the club was established by volunteer staff members of Physics Department. Following his speech, the opening speech was addressed by Dr. Ketema Bacha, dean, college of Natural Sciences, Jimma University.
Dr. Taye Tolemariam, V/President for academic, research and students’ affairs of Jimma University mentions that the University is a co-worker of ESSS and a founding member of Entoto Observatory (located 48 kms north of Addis Ababa) together with others Ethiopian senior higher institutes.  He also mentions that he is so glad to see and hear the progress of ESSS within a short period of time since its establishment. The aims and objectives of the conference was addressed by Milkessa Gebeyehu, chairperson of the JUASSC and organizer of the conference.
Dr. Ketema Bacha, dean, college of Natural Sciences mentioned in his speech  and the panel discussion that space science is not luxury, it is equally important as other field. He said that “It’s not only water, space science is also life”. Dr. Ketema capitalized the natural disasters such as flood (Dire Dawa and Omo valley) would have been predicted to reduce its devastating effect if  we had good knowledge in space science and technology.
Some of the activities accomplished on the conference include two presentations on ESSS activities, achievements, challenges and future plans in Ethiopia; and Entoto Observatory by Dr. Solomon Belay from ESSS board member and director of Entoto Observatory. Other three presentations were scientific talks on Space science and astronomy applications (giving emphasis on satellite technology and its applications) by Abera Shiferaw, board member of ESSS and Lecturer at Adama Science and Technology University; basics of astronomy by Remudin Reshid from Addis Ababa University; and space physics –a science for technological society by Dr. Veggi Appa Rao from Jimma University. The other activity on the day was panel discussion on space science and astronomy applications, developments and activities in Ethiopia and future plans.



Research on Traditional Fermented Foods in Ethiopia: Prospects for Commercialization


Open public lecture on “The Status of Research on Traditional Fermented Foods in Ethiopia: Prospects for Commercialization” was presented by Dr. Ketema Bach on December 14, 2012 at the College of Natural Sciences Multipurpose Hall. During the session, major research findings on the area of fermentation particularly on Ethiopian Traditional Fermented Foods was presented. Moreover, key research findings on Wakalim fermentation and its sensory evaluation, Roles of Fermentation in cyanide reduction from Cassava, and In vitro Evaluation of lactic acid bacteria of fermented food origins for Probiotic applications were highlighted.
In his speech, Dr Ketema emphasized that the prospects in the future regarding Ethiopian traditional fermented foods need to focus on controlled fermentation using defined microbial strains for production of predictable and quality foods. He also remarked for strong linkage between university’s research out puts and industry to scale up the traditional food fermentation process and get tones of diverse nutritional as well as health enhancing products.  
Dr. Ketema Bacha has authored and co-authored more than 20 research outputs in peer reviewed national and international journals. Currently, he is an Associate Professor of Food Microbiology and Dean of College of Natural Sciences at Jimma University.