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CNS  Faculty Member promoted to Full Professor

Jimma University Board of Governors at its 50th regular meeting held on November 05, 2018 has approved the promotion of Dr. Kitessa Hundera to full professorship. Before the approval, a review process and decision has been made by the Department of Biology and CNS and by the University Senate.

1. Dr. Kitessa Hundera, Professor of  Forest Ecology and Management

Dr Kitessa Hundera was born in Gidda Ayana, East Wollega in 1966 and completed secondary education at Gida secondary school. He graduated from Addis Ababa University, faculty of science with BSc in biology 1987 and MSc in Botanical sciences in 2003. He obtained PhD from Catholic University of Leuven (KUL), Belgium. 

He served as secondary school biology teacher at different schools under the ministry of education until he joined Jimma University, Department of biology as a lecturer in 2003. Besides teaching at both undergraduate and graduate programs in the department and other related departments, he has been conducting research on the ecology and management of Afromontane moist forests. 

He published more than 30 peer reviewed articles in reputable national and international journals ( and presented his research findings in national and international forums.

His major area of research interest is the conservation and management of the Southwest Ethiopian Afromontane coffee forests, Epiphyte Orchids ecology, and Agroforestry.

In addition he advised more than 15 MSc students as a major or co-advisor from the departments of Biology and Natural Resources Management.

He also served as assistant registrar of Jimma University for three years and now working as a Director of Community Based Education (CBE).  Read more

A public lecture on “Misuse of Statistics in Research” was held at the College of Natural Sciences (CNS) on 11 May 2018. The public lecture was made by Dr. Shibru Temesgen, an Associate Professor of Statistics at Addis Ababa University. 

In his lecture, Dr. Shibru, listed and discussed in depth various common statistical misuses which the researchers often commit in the process of their research undertaking right from research design through data collection/generation, handling, analysis and interpretation.   
The contents of the lecture largely focused on (natural) science disciplines and the major issues included misuses related to measurement and data scaling, biased samples and sample size, erroneous range and scaling of graphs, false causality, over generalization, erroneous multivariate data reductions and regression models, and confusing statistical significance with practical significance among others. Underscoring the significant effects of such statistical misuses on the precision and validity of research findings, Dr. Shibru provided list of recommendations/countermeasures that the researchers should take into account while designing and executing their research works. 
The 2-hour public lecture was attended by senior staff, staff with active research projects and postgraduate students of the College and other sister Colleges in the University. Interactive discussions and reflections were held on issues raised from the audience at the end of the lecture. The contribution such public lecture or scientific presentation could have in improving the quality of research outputs was appreciated. Finally, the College Research and Postgraduate Coordinating Office extended its due gratitude to Dr. Shibru for his professional contribution at Jimma University, as well as the audience for their interest to attend the lecture.



Information talk held at College of Natural Sciences

Information talk for Researchers and Doctoral students related to Sponsorship programmes of Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation, Germany was offered by Dr. Daniela Kneissl on 07 May 2018 at the College of Natural Sciences at the College’s AVU Hall. Dr. Daniela Kneissl works in Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation as Head of Division Africa and the Middle East in the Sponsorship and Network Department. In her information talk, Dr. Daniela explained the modalities, requirements, and tips for a successful application for the sponsorship program of the A. V. Humboldt foundation and the benefits attached to it. Her presentation was followed by questions and discussion from the audience.  Dr. Daniela encouraged the audience to apply for any one of the two A. V. Humboldt sponsorship programmes, namely the Postdoctoral and Experienced researcher fellowship programmes underscoring the fewer number of applications received by the foundation from Africa every year.

Following the wrap of the presentation, Dr. Daniela visited Organic Chemistry Laboratory in the College of Natural Sciences owing to an A. V. Humboldt alumnus, Dr. Negera Abdisa, a staff in the Department of Chemistry, who benefited from the foundation’s previous postdoctoral programme.  Pursuant to the Foundation’s funding program, Dr. Daniela pledged a material support worth of €20, 000 for the College’s Organic Chemistry Lab.  Dr. Daniela also promised to organize a university-level workshop in the foreseen future which will see a book donation of value up to €10, 000 among others. The talk was organized by the College’s Research and Postgraduate Coordinating Office.


CNS Held Scientific Training Workshop

The College of Natural Sciences (CNS) has conducted a workshop on scientific training for staff researchers and postgraduate students from April 17-18, 2018. 

Dr. Gemechis File, the Collge Dean, has officially opened the training worshop through his remarks in which he addressed the necessity of building the researchers capacity in various aspects in order to safeguard the quality of research findings and improve researchers’ “research and publication Ethics”.

The training workshop, that targeted both active staff researchsers and postgraduate (MSc and PhD) students, covered two broad contents namely (1) Scientifc writing and Publication ethics: offered by Prof. ketema Bacha, a senior staff in the College, and (2) E-resources and Reference management software (EndNote and Mendeley): offered by the Collge Library Head, Mr. Addisalem Assefa. 

The training on Scientifc writing and Publication Ethics aimed to address all the issues from  preparation of a draft manunuscript to its submision, and the related Ethical issues in the process of Publication. The training has provided the participants with basic skills of preparing good quality manuscripts for publication in merit-based stadard journals and thus evade the risk of becoming victims of substandrd predatory journals. By providing knowledge on issues of publication ethics, the training also would help curb the breach of publication ethics currently being commited by some staff and students. 

The part of the training on E-resources and Reference management software (EndNote and Mendeley) provided the particiapnts with the knowledge and skills of use on free Internet databases for scientifc articles, free  but LAN based Internet databases, techniques of Boolean operators, the use of Jimma University Library System (JULS), and basic skills on using EndNote and Mendley as reference management tools during scientific writing. This training invloved a hands-on-practice approach in order to familiarize the participants with the use of Internet Databases and Reference management software. 

Morethan 200 particiapnts benefited from the entire training. Finally, Dr. Mulugeta Wakjira, College Research and Postgrduate Cordinator, extended his gratitude to the trainers for their time, energy and professional comittment  to provide the training, and the participants for their keen interest to take part in the training workshop. 


CNS Conducted Staff Research Validation Workshop

The College of Natural Sciences (CNS) has conducted a staff research validation workshop from March 29-30, 2018. 

The workshop was officially opened by Dr. Tsige Ketema, V/President for Research and Community Services, Jimma University. Dr. Tsige, in her speech, mentioned that research is a powerful key to accelerate the pace of economic development of a nation by serving as a means to identify major problems and the corresponding novel solutions, and by providing new frameworks to guide thinking and action. Thus, the V/President’s speech remarked that the staff research validation workshop event organized by the College of Natural Sciences represents one means of communicating research outputs, and exchange of comments and suggestions to enrich the findings before its formal communication to the public at large.  Dr. Tsige has praised College of Natural Sciences as one of the vibrant colleges under Jimma University which is aspiring to advance research and community engagement through collaborative staff research. She thus has reminded the College to continue to advance and forge research projects to sustain the strong collaborative endeavor of Jimma University.

Dr. Mulugeta Wakjira, the College Research and Postgraduate Coordinator, has remarked that at least 162 research projects have been approved for funding by the College of Natural Sciences in the last eight years. It was also mentioned that, besides providing research fund to the approved research proposals, the College has also been conducting Monitoring & Evaluation, in the form of field visits and evaluation and documentation of progress and terminal reports to ensure the effective utilization of the allocated limited fund for the planned goal.   

In the two-day workshop, 15 original research papers (most of them funded in 2016/17 and some in 2015/16) were organized for presentation under FOUR thematic areas namely Sustainable utilization of resources, Application of hard sciences in other fields, Information Science, System and Technology Management, and Science education. 

Reviewers provided comments and criticism that contributed much to improve the quality of the papers presented, and as such the event had been an opportunity for experience and knowledge sharing among the presenters, the reviewers and the audience at large. Marking the successful deliberation and completion of the workshop, the College provided Certificates to the paper presenters, reviewers and chairpersons in recognition of their professional contributions.