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Name of Alumni Sex Department Qualification E-mail Tel.No Graduation Year
Abdurahaman Endris Wariyo M Medicine Degree dr.abdurahman-endris@yahoo.com 913062196 2004E.C
Abebe Tafesse Walasa(Dr) M Medicine Degree taffeseabeba@yahoo.com 911942313 2004E.C
Addisu Tadesse Wodajo M Medicine Degree taddis79@yahoo.com 910244429 2004E.C
Awokech Berihun Alemayehu F Medicine Degree aweyeberihun@yahoo.com 910629502 2004E.C
Desye G/hiwot Abrha M Law Degree desachew@yahoo.com 913920484 2004E.C
Eliam Mamo Buli F Law Degree eliammamo@ymail.com 910077017 2004E.C
Fitsum Kidane Kifle F Pharmacy Degree fitsa62@yahoo.com 917008762 2004E.C
Gashaw Gebre Zelelew M Medicine Degree abeingashaw@yahoo.com 913835281 2004E.C
Gelila Aklilu F Law Degree gelatad@ymail.com 912032677 2004E.C
Gete Bekalo F Mgt Degree gete-bekalo@yahoo.com 917335379 2004E.C
Hussen Mekonnen A/gero M English Degree hussen.abbagaro@facebook.com 911053552 2004E.C
Mandefrot Ketema M Mgt Degree mandefroketema@yahoo.com 917863210 2004E.C
Melese Gezahegn Tesemma M Medicine Degree get.melese@gmail.com 913347330 2004E.C
Mohammed Awol Ahmed(Dr) M Medicine Degree doc-mhmd@yahoo.com 911807994 2004E.C
Mulualem Tolessa(Dr) M Dentistry Degree multol@yahoo.com 920240984 2004E.C
Muluken Tolera Mideksa M Pharmacy Degree mulukentolera@yahoo.com 911556812 2004E.C
Muluneh Gurmamo M Bu/Mgt Degree mgt2000lifemg@yahoo.com 910605008 2004E.C
Nadia Yimer Seid(Dr) F Medicine Degree naniyimer@gmail.com 913038794 2004E.C
Natnael Tesfaye Haile M Computer Science Degree naty.tesfaye@gmail.com 911412290 2004E.C
Oliyad Dachasa Ejersa M Dentistry Degree odachasa@yahoo.com 920238516 2004E.C
Tsegaye Legesse Demme M Medicine Degree tsegaye.legese17@gmail.com ? 2004E.C
Ukasha AYNAGE Wakeyo(Dr) M Medicine Degree dkasha345@yahoo.com 921107395 2004E.C
Walid Ali Abdulaziz(Dr) M Medicine Degree walidsheba@live.com 912164268 2004E.C
Yosan  Edessa M Dentistry Degree yosane@yahoomail.com 913281211 2004E.C
Zabilon Mesfin Anbesse M Medicine Degree zabalon22@hotmail.com 913605882 2004E.C
Zenebe Hubena Elala M Medicine Degree zhubanadoc@gmail.com 912209650 2004E.C

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