Student’s debate on infectious disease detection, prevention & response

One Health student club at Jimma University has organized student’s debate on anthrax disease on 18th June 2016 at Honey land Hotel. The session has involved 179 participants in which most are Jimma University One Health Student Club members & some faculty from College of Health Sciences & College of Agriculture & Veterinary Medicine.

The session started with an opening remark by Professor Kifle Woldemichael & in his remark he tried to address the importance of the OH approach in addressing most of current health related problems. He has appreciated the important contribution that the OH student club has been doing since its establishment & also congratulates graduating club members highlighting that their wonderful contribution to this club will never be forgotten & they should continue advocating the OH concept in each of their future work areas.

Following the opening remark, the current JUOHSC Chairperson student Gelaneh Kusse has delivered a brief presentation about the Club including activities conducted within the last Nine months since its establishment on October 2016. In his last slide he re-announced an official logo competition which is open to all the students in Jimma University.

Dr. Dechasa Tegegen, from Jimma University School of Veterinary Medicine who is currently a delegate of the focal person Dr Moti Yohannes has presented a ppt on emerging infectious disease & One Health. In his slides he tried to address the meaning of emerging & reemerging infectious diseases, the contributing factors, some examples of emerging & reemerging diseases and also the importance of the one health concept.


After the two brief presentations, the students had 15 minutes TEA BREAKReturning from the tea break, the debate judges have taken their places. The judges include;

  1. Dr Mukerim Abdurahman – from School of Veterinary Medicine
  2. Mr. Shimeles Ololo – from College of Health Sciences
  3. Dr Assefa Kebede – from School of Veterinary Medicine


The first sessions before the tea break were facilitated by OHCEA Country administrator Mrs. Samrawit Ketema & the second half session was facilitated by Dr Muluemebet Abera from College of Health Sciences. The students in the two debating groups have taken their assigned seats;


  1. Ms. Mulu Shiferaw – Nursing
  2. Abera shiferaw – Veterinary Medicine
  3. Waktole Yadeta – Veterinary Medicine                   


  1. Boru Midekiso – Veterinary Medicine
  2. Tesfaye Gemeda – Environmental Health
  3. Worku Abebe – Public Health Officer

The debate has focused on Anthrax disease; introduction, pathology, epidemiology, prevention & treatment options as well as the OH approach. The two groups have conducted a very hot discussion & debate on each assigned section about the disease.  The debate has continued for about an hour. Until the results of the debate are finalized by the judges, student Atsede Milashu has presented an excellent poem on the importance of One Health to the audience.

As most of the current club members are graduating this year, a certificate of participation was prepared for 63 graduating club members. The certificate was given by Prof. Kifle Woldemichael.


Then the results of the debate were announced by one of the judges, Mrs. Shimeles Ololo. The winner of this debate has become group two.


An award session was conducted & the winning group got a certificate & 1TB hard disk while the second group got a certificate & a leather note book.

The last awarding session was for the 12 executive board members of Jimma University OH Club. Each one of them has received a certificate of appreciation & 1 TB hard disk.

As most of the executive board members are graduating this year, the last agenda of this session was to select new board members to replace the outgoing ones. This session was led by OHCEA focal person Prof. Kifle & the current club Chair student Gelaneh Kusse. The chances were given to students in each of the departments to choose one person who can represent the department in the executive council of the club. An hour were given to the students to discuss in groups in each of their departments and come up with 01 representative. 

After selection & announcement of the new 12 executive board members, agreement were made to select the new chair, vice chair, secretary & finance of the club among themselves after the session. Lastly the focal person, Prof. Kifle Woldemichael has made a closing remark & the session was officially closed at 1:00PM. Finally there was a group photo and the participants had networking lunch.