Seminar on Infectious Disease Detection, Prevention & Response

The One Health student club at Jimma University has organized a seminar on infectious disease detection, prevention & response in line with the Global Health Security Agenda on 7th May 2016. This seminar was conducted inside Jimma University College of Agriculture & Veterinary Medicine Main Hall involving 120 graduate & few post graduate students, which most are members of the One Health student club. The seminar was given by Prof. Jean Mukherjee, an infectious disease expert from University of Tufts.


Photo: Prof. Jean Mukherjee, an infectious disease expert from University of Tufts delivering the session

She has delivered a very educative presentation on an Introduction to infectious disease in general in line with the issue of Global Health security agenda (GHSA). After the presentation, a brief discussion was made among the participants following which a movie named ‘Contagion’ was projected. The movie focuses on infectious disease detection, prevention & response strategies. A logo competition for Jimma University One Health Student club was announced so that the students will participate in the design. The facilitator of the session, Mr. Lemessa Dube from College of Health Sciences, has announced the competition informing the students that the designer of the winning Logo will get the necessary recognition & also be awarded. 

Photo: Participant students of the seminar on infectious disease detection, prevention & response

A T- shirt with the one health information & important logos of the OHW was distributed to each of the participant students. On the second day i.e. on 8th May 2016, Prof. Jean has delivered a brief seminar on how to deliver a community outreach activities. This specific seminar was given to 100 pre-selected One Health student members and it was intended to build their capacity in delivering infectious disease awareness raising community outreach activities. The seminar was started with a presentation by student Gelana, Jimma University student One Health club leader. The presentation lasted about 15 minutes and the main themes of the presentation were how the club gets organized and activity report since its establishment on October, 2015.

Thereafter, Prof. Jean had presented a slide on ‘community engagement’ with a group exercise on how to engage a community on their own problems. Accordingly, students were assigned into eight different groups. Within the groups, students from different department were assigned. After discussing in groups, each group presented for the whole audience of the seminar for about 5 to 10 minutes followed by a short discussion. Some of community problems picked by participants were rabies, anthrax, zoonotic diseases in general and solid waste management problems.


Photo: Posters from the sessions

The session was finally ended by a closing remark by Prof. Jean and in her remark she has appreciated the activities done so far by Jimma University One Health student Club members including the awareness creation campaign on rabies disease conducted in two of the high schools in Jimma and also tried to highlight the interest that University of Tufts has as a partner institution in supporting the one Health student club activities. 


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