Emerging Pandemic Threats Program (EPT- I) of USAID

The regional secretariat was receiving funds from USAID under the EPT I Program of the RESPOND Project which started on October 2010 & lasted up to June 2014.

The first few months were focused on introduction of the one health concept & also the establishment of the project. Hence most of the activities were meetings, workshops & trainings. These includes;

1. The sensitization workshop conducted both at Jimma University & Mekelle University.
2. Intra & inter university workshops conducted between faculties at Jimma University & Mekelle University on October & November 2012.
3. Country coordinating committee meetings held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on monthly basis involving delegates from different government ministerial offices.

During EPT I OHCEA Ethiopia had a country coordinating committee involving 12 delegates from different federal minister offices & the institutions who were responsible to coordinate country level activities:

  1. Prof. Abraham H/Amlak            Dean, (CPHMS)
  2. Prof. Kifle Woldemichael          Jimma University (Focal person)
  3. Dr Moti Yohannes                     Jimma University (Focal person)
  4. Dr Hailu Degefu                        Jimma University (Dean of Vet Medicine)
  5. Dr Berihu G/Kidan                    Mekelle University (Dean, CVM)
  6. Dr Gebrehiwot Tadesse             Mekelle University (OHCEA Board Member)
  7. Dr Berihun Afera                       Mekelle University (Focal person)
  8. Mr. Alemayehu Bekele             EPHA
  9. Dr Girma Zeleke                       EVA 
  10. Dr Fekede Regassa                    EWCA
  11. Dr Alemayehu Mekonnin          MoA
  12. Mrs. Samrawit Ketema            OH Ethiopia Administrator
  13. Mr. Dejen Yemane                  Mekelle University (School of Public Health)
  14. Mr. Woldegebriel Abrha           MOE
  15. Mr. Hintsa Hadush                     MOH

4.    Needs assessment was conducted in 5 different regions of Ethiopia.

This assessment has included; Oromia Regional state mainly involving West Shewa (Ambo), West Hararge (Chiro) & Jimma special zone,Tigray Regional state mainly involving Eastern (Kilte – Awlalo) & Southern (Mekoni) districts of Tigray, Gambella Regional state mainly involving Gambella city area, Afar Regional State mainly involving Asayita & Awash Fentalle districts and Addis Ababa involving all the federal offices & Yeka sub- city.

Ten Post graduate students were involved in the data collection process. The data were collected by using a pre prepared structured & non structured questionnaires and a total of 876 questionnaires were distributed to the sites to collect data within 14 subsequent days from 15th – 28th September 2013 following the orientation meeting in Addis Ababa Harmony Hotel on 14th Sept. 2016.

After the data collection analysis & write up was successfully conducted from May 19th – 23rd, 2014 by the three OHCEA Ethiopia focal persons i.e. Prof Kifle Woldemichael, Dr. Moti Yohannes & Dr. Berihun Afera and a Biostatician from Jimma University College of public health & medical sciences, Dr. Wondwossen Kassahun as well as by a delegate from the Ethiopian Veterinary association (EVA), Dr. Girma Zeleke who was also a member of the country coordinating committee.

 The Presentation Of The Needs Assessment Findings Were Made On May 24th, 2014 At Saro Maria Hotel Addis Ababa Involving; Prof. Abreham H/Amlak (Jimma University Dean Of College Of Health Sciences), Prof. Kifle W/Michael (Focal Person), Dr Moti

 Yohannes (Focal Person), Dr Wondwossen Kassahun (Biostatician From Jimma University College Of Health Sciences) Dr Girma Zeleke (Ethiopian Veterinary Association), Dr Berihun Afera (Focal Person) Dr Hailu Degefu (Jimma University Dean Of School Of Veterinary Medicine) Dr Berihu G/Kidan (Mekelle University Dean Of College Of Veterinary Medicine) Dr G/Hiwot Tadesse, Mr. Abrha W/Michael Mekelle University Public Health Department, Dr Alemayehu Anbessie (Ministry Of Agriculture) Mr. Weldegebriel Abreha (Ministry Of Education) Ms. Samrawit Ketema (OHCEA Ethiopia Administrator).

 5. One Health Leadership in service training involving faculties & government delegates from different ministerial offices.

The training was given on 05 consecutive days from February 17th – 21st, 2014 in Jimma Central Hotel.

It was given to 26 delegates from different sectors in different zonal structures of Jimma area  & this includes delegate’s from Zonal health disease prevention & health extension departments, Zonal agriculture office, Zonal disaster prevention & preparedness office, Zonal Land resource management & environmental protection authority Bureau, Zonal forest & wild life agency, Town municipality, Jimma Red cross office, town community radio & also academicians from both Jimma University school of veterinary medicine as well as college of public health & medical sciences.

The training was delivered by three master trainees of the regional training conducted earlier in Nairobi, Kenya & i.e. Dr Benti Deresa from Jimma University School of veterinary medicine, Mr. Shimeles Ololo from Jimma University College of Public health & medical sciences and Dr. Daniel Hussein from Mekelle University College of Veterinary medicine. There were also trainers from the two OHCEA’s US partner institutions i.e. Dr Serge Nzietchueng from Minnesota University & Dr Diafuka Sail Ngita from University of Tufts.

 6.    The project had also given different grant manuscript & proposal writing trainings.

Delivered to faculties in Veterinary Medicine & Public Health at both universities. These trainings were given by different experts from the two US Partner Universities namely, University of Minnesota & University of Tufts.

7.    OHCEA Ethiopia was officially launched in Ethiopia on 16th March 2013 at Addis Ababa Harmony Hotel.  

This launch was conducted in the presence of Jimma University president, Dr Fikre Lemessa, OHCEA regional Program manager Dr Geoffrey Kabagambe and other delegates from different ministerial offices, University of Minnesota, University of Tufts, DAI-RESPOND as well as faculties from both Jimma & Mekelle University. 

One Health Central & Eastern Africa (OHCEA) had also conducted its 1st international one health Conference from 23rd to 27th September, 2013 at Hilton Hotel, Addis Ababa Ethiopia.