Research at Jimma University

Jimma University is one of the leading higher learning institutions working aggressively towards tackling community problems through its cherished philosophy of Community Based Education. With an ambitious goal of becoming the leading public premier in the country, renowned in Africa and recognized in the world, the university is integrating teaching, research and community services/technology transfer. Structurally, the Research and Community Services activities of Jimma University are currently managed at the level of Vice President’s position.

Fistula day celebrated at JU

The Fistula Day, which has been celebrated for the 5th time in Ethiopia and 6th at the global level, was celebrated at Jimma University. The national celebration of the day was organized by Jimma University with the motto “Leaving no one behind: Let us commit to ending Fistula now” in collaboration with various governmental and nongovernmental organizations. 

ለክረምት ትምህርት ፈላጊዎች በሙሉ

የጅማ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ለ2010ዓ.ም የትምህርት ዘመን በክረምት የትምህርት መርሐግብር በመጀመሪያ እና ሁለተኛ ዲግሪ የተለያዩ የስልጠና ዘርፎች አመልካቾችን ተቀብሎ ማሠልጠን ይፈልጋል፡፡ በመሆኑም የመማር ፍላጐት ያላችሁና የትምህርት ሚኒስቴርን የከፍተኛ ት/ት መግቢያ መስፈርት ማሟላት የምትችሉ አመልካቾች ከግንቦት 14/2010ዓ.ም እስከ ሰኔ 15/2010 ዓ.ም ድረስ በጂማ ዩኒቨርሲቲ ስልጠናዎቹ በሚሰጡባቸው ኮሌጆች በሚገኙ የኮሌጅ ሬጅስትራር ቢሮዎች በግንባር በመቅረብ መመዝገብ የምትችሉ መሆኑን ያስታውቃል፡፡
ስልጠናው የሚሰጥባቸው የትምህርት መስኮች


JUCAVM hosts Education Quality Improvement Review Workshop May 4-5, 2018



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