Directore's message

Director's Message

 Jimma University Library System is an academic library intended to provide updated information resources to the teaching-learning, research and community services. Students, instructors and researchers of colleges/institutions of the university were the main users of the university library system even though it stands to serve the whole communities of the university. As one of the functional component of the university it is responsible to deliver quality library services effectively to fulfil its users information need to enable them to achieve their teaching-learning and research objectives.

 We are living in the dynamic environment where yesterday information is input for utilizing today’s resource and forecasting the tomorrow world. Running with time and utilizing information effectively and appropriately by preserving, organizing and disseminating for constructing knowledge economy is the key fundamental issues of the 21st century. Currently users can access library from remote as far as there is network/Internet connection. The concept and services of library is dramatically changed with the skills necessary for manipulating information.

 Exploiting these opportunity is up to users. Searching for sources of information and acquiring basic skills through identifying, evaluating and using information is the mandate of patrons. Renewing our knowledge is essential by using up-to-date information resources. University library is working in this scenario to attain users information need in different formats (electronic and hardcopy).

 Satisfying user’s information needs with quality library services to the maximum level is university library’s aim. The library resources can be accessed easily. Through Open Access Public Catalogue (OPAC) it is possible to access the full bibliographic information of a resource with its number of copies, location and status. Since all resources of JU branch libraries were automated and networked through intranet online loan is possible (OPAC). Moreover, the implementation of technology in library service is highly growing. That’s why JU library system established digital library to easily preserve, share and access resources in digital form (DLS). Besides there are more than 35 database subscribed E-journals and E-books of all disciplines are available on Jimma University website. These entire resources of library play the pivotal role of academic activities for delivering quality education.

 The university library works to create long-life self learner society because we are in information age where there are many information with different formats and individuals are responsible to went through it & build his/her knowledge. Lastly, as the functional unit of the university, the University Library is working with full effort for supporting teaching-learning and research activities as well as for the realization of the vision and mission of Jimma University.

 Bedassa Motuma

 University Library System Director


Tell: +251 945052133 / 0471112119