Database, journals and article searching 

Mediated links to databases to which the library subscribes or has access to free on the web are available. Full-text journals online and other types of electronic resources are available through PERI, HINARI and NLM in collaboration with INASP, WHO and NIM. To find journals or journals’ articles on a particular topic, appropriate databases can be searched to which the library subscribes or has access to free online. Other CD ROM databases are also accessible through University Library Reference Department in collaboration with Library computer Network service Department.

You may get access to the resources categorized:

Subscribed (A-Z)

Open Access

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Other resources can be accessed through the Library's online catalogue

Jimma University Library ABCD Site(Portal)

TEEAL (The Essential Electronic Agricultural Library) is a digital collection of research journals for agriculture and related sciences.

eGranary Digital Library

The eGranary Digital Library is a collection of documents meant to deliver educational Web content to the subscriber's local area network (LAN). This way, the documents are available instantly to everyone in the institution. The eGranary "stores the seeds of knowledge" inside the institution where they can be accessed even when the Internet connection is down. As we say, "If you can't come to the Web, we'll bring the Web to you!"

How to get access to eGranary Digital Library?

Step 1. Open your Mozilla firefox browser.

Step 2. Click on Tools from the menu bar

Step 3. Click on options then click on Advanced

Step 4. Click on Network and enter in the proxy address and port number 9980.

Step 5. Finally type egranary in your address bar.