Staff Individual List

First Name:    Mukarim Abdurahaman Kadir
Academic Rank:    Associate Professor  
College/Institute:    JUCAVM
Field of Specialization:    Veterinary Public Health
Research Interest:    Zoonotic diseases, Food safety and  molecular biology
List of Publications:   

  1. Hunde Aboma, Assefa Kebede and Mukarim Abdurahaman (2017): Further studies on Bovine Ixodide Ticks in and around Bedelle, Southwest Ethiopia., African Journal of Agriculture Research 12(22):1922-1929.
  2. Bitsu Kiflu Haile Alemayehu, Mukarim Abdurahaman, Yohannes Negash and Tadesse Eguale (2017): Salmonella serotypes and their antimicrobial susceptibility in apparently healthy dogs in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia., BMC Veterinary Research 13:134
  3. Hubad Hussien, Seifudin Kasim, Sufian Abdo, Kemer Kadi, Mukarim Abdurahaman (2017): Study on Prevalence of Ovine Fasciolosis in and Around Chole Woreda, Ethiopia, International Journal of Research Studies in Biosciences 5(1):1-5.
  4. Mohammed Hussen, Said Hussen, Gebeyow Chali and Mukarim Abdurahaman (2017): Parasitic Cause of Organ and Carcass Condemnation in Small Ruminant Slaughtered at Helmex Abattoir, Debrezeit, Ethiopia. International Journal of Research Studies in Biosciences 5(4): 22-30.
  5. Tigist Teketel, Merzuk Hasen, Gobu Boru and Mukarim Abdurahaman(2017): Study on Prevalence of Calves Coccidiosisi in and Around Jimma Town, Ethiopia. J Vet MedRes 4(3):1077.
  6. Mohammed Nuriye, Mukarim Abdurahaman, Feyissa Begna and Benti Deresa (2016): Study on prevalence and risk factors of calf coccidiosis in and around Jimma town, Southwest Ethiopia., Ethiop.J.Appl.Sci. Technol. 7 (2):21-28.
  7. Haregawi Tesfaye, Banti Deresa and Mukarim Abdurahaman (2016). Study on Prevalence and Associated Risk Factors of Bovine Hydatidosis in Hawassa Municipal Abattoir, Ethiopia.,  Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research 24 (11): 3520-3526.
  8. Hussein Aman, Seifudin Kassim, Gobu Boru, Hubado Hussien& Mukarim Abdurahaman (2016): Major Causes of Liver Condemnation and Associated Direct Financial Losses in Bovine Saughtered at Assela Municipal Abattoir Arsi, South Eastern Ethiopia, Global Journal of Medical Research 16(3): 2249-4618
  9. Guye Wako, Bariso Buro, Jeylan Mohammed, Ahimed Ousman, Kadiro Ebrahim, Merzuk Hasen and Mukarim Abdurahaman (2016): Prevalence of Major Gastrointestinal Parasites in Donkeys in Dodola District, West Arsi, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia World Journal of Agricultural Sciences 12 (2): 119-124.
  10. Bitsu Kiflu , Mukarim Abdurahaman , Haile Alemayehu  and Tadesse Eguale (2016):Investigation on public knowledge, attitude and practices related to pet management and zoonotic canine diseases in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Ethiopian Veterinary Journal., 20(1):67-78. 
  11. Garuma Daniel, Mukarim Abdurahaman, Getachew Tuli, Benti Deresa (2016):‘Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia: Seroprevalence and risk factors in Western Oromia, Ethiopia’, Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research 83(1), a958. http:// v83i1.958
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  14. Fentahun, K. B. Mukarim Abdurahaman; Addis Getu (2015): Work on characterization of the effect of collibacillosis on calves' performances. Veterinary Science Research Journal 6(1):58-66.
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  17. Mahendra Pal, Azeb Gebretensay, Tilaye Shiberu, Mukarim Abdurahaman, Olga Karanfil (2015). The Role of Bacteriosin as Food Preservative. BEVERAGE & FOOD WORLD 42 (1): 28-35. 
  18. Dano Takile, Benti Deresa & Mukarim Abdurahaman (2014): Prevalence of Bovine Trypanasomosis in Guto Gida District of East Wollega Zone, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia. Global Journal of Medical Research 14 (2):5-10.
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  20. Endrias Zewdu Gebremedhin, Mukarim Abdurahaman, Tesfaye Sisay Tessema, Getachew Tilahun, Eric Cox, Bruno Goddeeris, Pierre Dorny, Stephane De Craeye, Marie-Laure Dardé, and Daniel Ajzenberg (2014): Isolation and genotyping of viable Toxoplasma gondii from sheep and goats in Ethiopia destined for human consumption. Parasites & Vectors 7:425
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