Staff Individual List

First Name:    Yosef Deneke
Academic Rank:   Associate Professor of Animal Biotechnology  ( DVM, MVSc, PhD)
College/Institute:    Agriculture and Veterinary medicine
Department/Team:    School of Veterinary Medicine
Field of Specialization: 
Major: Animal Biotechnology
Minor: Vet. Gynecology& Obstetrics, Vet. Immunology
               ( MVSc)
-    Vet. Immunology& Vet. Physiology (PhD)
Research Interest:    Reproductive Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Genetic Engineering of Bacteria , Molecular Diagnostics and Vaccine production
List of Publications:   

  • Yosef Deneke, Trilok Nanda, Prem Singh Yadav, Iderjeet Singh and G. Prasad. Effect of FCS or BSA  as supplement in maturation media on vitrification of in vitro Matured buffalo oocytes . (Abstarct, 4th Congress of Federation of Indian Physiological Societies, January11-13, 2007. New Delhi India).
  • Yosef Deneke, Trilok Nanda, Prem Singh Yadav, Iderjeet Singh and G. Prasad.     Buffalo Oocyte Vitrification and Their Post-Thaw potential For In Vitro   Fertilization. Indian Veterinary Journal, August 2008; 85: 816 – 818.\
  • Yosef Deneke, Rajb Deb and Ramesh D. Diagnosis of ovine brucellosis using conventional and molecular tools. Biotechnology International, March 2011; 4(1): 4- 15.
  • Ramesh D., Adeesh, E.M., Rajib Deb, B. Sailu, V.K. Saxena, V.G. Joshi and Yosef D. Prediction of MHC-binding epitope in gene fragment encoding183 amino acids of    Mycobacterium bovis Bacillus Calmette-Gaerin(BCG) strains .
  • Biotechnology International, Sep. 2010; 3(2 and 3): 29- 32.
  • Yosef Deneke and Nardos Tefera (2010). Sero-prevalence of ovine brucellosis in and around Debere Birhan region of Ethiopia. Indian J. Comp.Microbiol.immunol.Infect.Dis.:31(1&2):44-47.
  • Tigst Ashagie, Yosef Deneke and Tadele Tolosa (2011). Seroprevalence of Caprine brucellosis and associated risk factors in Soth Omo Zone of Southern of Ethiopia. African J.microbiol.Res.,5(13):1682-1476.
  • Subhash Jakhesara, Rajib Deb and Yosef Deneke (2011) Application of Reverse    Genetics in Vaccine production against animal diseases Livestock Line 4(9): 8-10
  • Yosef Deneke.,Beshah,A.,Ramesh,D., Deb,R. and Sailo,B.(2011). Raw meat     consumption and incidence of Bovine Cysticercosis in Ethopia:A brief overview  Food Science Research Journal , 2(1): 83-91.
  • Yosef Deneke, Trilok Nanda and , Prem Singh Yadav . Comparative study on the Effect of BSA and FCS as a supplement in TCM-199 on the   in vitro maturation of  uffalo oocytes. Indian J.Anim. Res , Sep. 2012,: 46(3): 298-301.
  • Yosef Deneke.,Beshah,A.,Ramesh,D., Deb,R. and Sailo,B.(2012). Prevalence of Cysticercosis in Cattle Slaughtered in an Abattoir in Ethiopia. Indian Vet. J., 89(6): 103-104.

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