Jimma University HAPCO Overviews

It is almost three decades since the issue of HIV/AIDS is becoming the global agenda. The first HIV/AIDS case was reported in USA (Los Angeles) in 1981 GC. There have been many global initiatives and new approaches for its prevention and control of HIV/AIDS. And it is also takes many years since it has been becoming the great public health importance of Ethiopia posing huge social, economic deteriorations in both affected and infected communities.

Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Government has been committed to curb the impact of HIV/AIDS by designing many strategies and formulation of HIV/AIDS policy (1998). Nationally multi-sectoral response has been implemented to overcome its impact However; still the issue of AIDS is the tip of ice berg, both at Global and sub-national levels.
Late to the second generations and beginning of third generation of HIV/AIDS epidemic the concept of HIV/AIDS mainstreaming is raised as central to the responses thus, Educational sector multi response strategy has adopted by ministry of Education. In line to these initiatives Jimma University has formulated its own HIV/AIDS strategic plan and work place policy pertaining to other activities.
Jimma University, the center of academic excellence and the first community based pioneers among Ethiopian University has provided many undergraduate and post graduate programs. The university has core values that excel its center to fulfill its vision. Embodied to JU’s enduring core values like community serving, gender equality, research ,students graduate from Jimma university become the most competitive ,creative and responsible citizens of the nations since the times of its inaugurations.

In response to the epidemic Jimma University has started HIV/AIDS prevention and control program. JUHIV/AIDS prevention and control program was originally founded in 2002G.c by a group of dedicated academic and administrative staffs in order to provide HIV/AIDS preventive and care services to the university and surrounding communities as well. At that time the response of the university is a comprehensive approach towards reproductive issues including gender empowerment, and structural interventions. The center is to grow over the years with the support from many sources including the federal HAPCO, Ministry of Education (MOE), and Global fund, Ministry of Health, UNICEF- UNFPA Joint Program and CDC-PEPFAR Ethiopia. Since then the office has made tremendous activities focusing on capacity building, leaderships and networking, care and support, risk and vulnerability reduction.

Today the center provides comprehensive AIDS prevention activities like educations, outreach activities, training and care and support for AIDS affected and infected sub groups(out school youth, in school youth, orphan vulnerable groups,) in the university and outside the university in line with community based education philosophies. The Mission of JUHARC is to make the University and surrounding community healthy and supportive environment for students, staff and the surrounding community by providing comprehensive HIV/AIDS prevention and control services.

The JUHARC has worked some of its activities in collaboration with women affairs , JU student’s union, public relation and communication offices, Students HIV/AIDS clubs , Jimma town health office, Jimma town youth clubs, Jimma town women and child affair offices, Positive living associations, Non Governmental Organizations etc . The Program encompasses and Adolescent reproductive health services, HIV/AIDS prevention and control programs, scientific researches both inside the campus and outside the communities.