MSc in Animal Production

Graduate programs leading to the Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree provide advanced education and technical training in preparation for careers in public and private sectors related to animal production, Animal breeding and Genetics, dairy cattle production, meat animal production, poultry production and apiculture science.   A minimum of 24 credit hours beyond the bachelor's degree and a thesis describing original research are required. Students pursuing the M.S. degree achieve specialization in a particular discipline through course work and completion of an original research project under the supervision of a faculty advisor. All M.Sc. candidates must complete and defend a written thesis based upon results of their research.

  • To produce Animal Sciences graduates equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to render service to a thriving and modern animal sector
  • To carry out basic and applied research with the aim of increasing animal productivity
  • To extend knowledge and skills to the farming communities for purposes of improving animal production
  • To render consultancy services to both public and private sectors in matters relating to animal production.
Admission Requirements
The Department of Animal Sciences makes admissions decisions based on the compatibility of the applicant's goals with departmental resources, the availability of spaces for new students, and a holistic evaluation of the applicant's potential for success in the program. Other considerations will routinely include entrance examination scores, grade point averages, and letters of recommendation; and might also include interviews. To be considered for admission, the applicant must satisfy the following requirements:
  • The applicant must hold a bachelor's degree in animal science, Veterinary medicine, biological or related life science from an accredited Ethiopian, or the equivalent from an international institution.
  • Must pass entrance examination in the field of the study
  • The applicant must be in academic good standing at the institution last attended.
  • The successful applicant normally will have a grade point average (GPA) of at least >2.0 on all undergraduate course work. 
  • Applicants who hold a bachelor degree from an accredited institution whose instruction is in English.
  • Applicants are required to have three letters of recommendation forwarded to the Graduate Program from their under graduate instructors, employers and professionals who can attest to the applicant's scholarly aptitude, and provide insight into the applicant's qualifications and potential for success as a scientist/educator following completion of a graduate program.
  • Produce letter indicating sponsorship for their research work or sign an agreement if self sponsored.

Special Admission
A candidate who has had a Diploma in a relevant subject with an outstanding CGPA of 3.5 and above, rich experience and passes the entrance examination may be considered for admission provided that she/he takes additional courses from the undergraduate program as determined by the Council of Graduate Studies. In this case, the candidate will have to take courses for a minimum of three semesters

Course Distribution 
Within the Programme, each student must take all of the required core courses and may choose 6 credit hour elective courses among the recommended elective courses profiles: Animal Production option, Dairy Animal Production option, Meat Animal Production Option, Poultry Production Option.

Required Core Courses

      Advanced Animal Nutrition                                                                      (3)

      Animal Breeding                                                                                       (3)

      Advanced Animal Physiology                                                                    (3)

      Biostatistics for Animal Sciences                                                               (4)

      Animal Production (with options)                                                            (6)

      Current Topics in Animal Production                                                      (1)

      Seminars in Animal Production                                                                (P/F)

      Research Thesis                                                                                        (6)



      Dairy animal production                              

      Meat animal production                               

      Poultry production                                       

      Apiculture (bee keeping)



      Dairy Products Technology                                                            (2 Cr. Hr.)

      Reproductive & Lactation Physiology                                            (2 Cr. Hr.)

      Ruminant Nutrition                                                                       (2 Cr. Hr.)

      Animal Biotechnology                                                                    (2 Cr. Hr.)

      Pasture and Range Management                                                     (2 Cr. Hr.)

      Animal Health                                                                                (2 Cr. Hr.)

      Animal Ethology                                                                            (2 Cr. Hr.)



      Pasture and Range Management                                                     (2 Cr. Hr.)

      Meat Sciences                                                                                (2 Cr. Hr.)

      Animal Health                                                                                (2 Cr. Hr.)

      Livestock economics and  marketing                                              (2 Cr. Hr.)

      Animal Biotechnology                                                                    (2 Cr. Hr.)

      Animal Ethology                                                                            (2 Cr. Hr.)

      Ruminant Nutrition                                                                       (2 Cr. Hr.)


POULTRY PRODUCTION (6 Cr. Hr. elective)

      Meat Sciences                                                                                 (2 Cr. Hr.)

      Animal Health                                                                                 (2 Cr. Hr.)

      Livestock Economics and  Marketing                                              (2 Cr. Hr.)

      Animal Biotechnology                                                                     (2 Cr. Hr.)

      Animal Ethology                                                                             (2 Cr. Hr.)

      Hatchery Management                                                                    (2 Cr. Hr.)

      Monogastric Nutrition                                                                    (2 Cr. Hr.)


APICULTURE (6 Cr. Hr. electives)

      Biology of Tropical Bees                                                                (4 Cr.Hr)

      Pollination  and  Nature Conservation                                           (3 Cr.Hr)

      Bee Toxicology                                                                              (2 Cr.Hr.)

      Bee Product processing and handling                                             (3 Cr.Hr)

      Bee Health                                                                                      (3 Cr.Hr)

      Bee Theology and Ecology                                                             (3 Cr.Hr)

      Botany of Bee Flora                                                                        (2 Cr.Hr)

      Seasonal Management of Honey Bees                                              (2 Cr.Hr)


ANIMAL PRODUCTION (6 Cr. Hr. electives)

      Pasture and Range Management                                        (2 Cr. Hr.)

      Animal Health                                                                    (2 Cr. Hr.)

      Livestock Economics and  Marketing                                (2 Cr. Hr.)

      Animal Biotechnology                                                       (2 Cr. Hr.)

      Animal Ethology                                                                (2 Cr. Hr.)