Structure's of JUSU

1. General Assembly

It is the highest authoritative body of the union it shall make two assemblies in a year regular but per the recommendation of the president and the executive committee, ad hoc meeting may be called up.

  •     This body has the power to recall, non proper functioning members of the executive
  •     It shall listen and endorse reports presented to it.
  •     It is the one to decide on serious issues of students services.

2. Executive Committee

The president is the chair and spokes person. It shall conduct weekly meeting.

  •     Revise the activities.
  •     Deal on problems reported to it and recommend the president to take action. This organ establishes ad hoc committee whom the president nominate
  •     Also gives recognition or reject as to formation of clubs or associations of disciplines.

3. Chief Executives of JUSU

3.1 The President

  •     He/she the person with the highest executive power
  •     He/ she Nominate, the members to be the electoral board. And present it to the executive committee for approval.
  •     He is the official spokes person of the union
  •     Member to the senate
  •     Authenticate with his signature, businesses of the union.
  •     Appoints the executive committee members to different positions and to lead standing committee within the union.

3.2 Vice President

He/she is an officer with high executive power immediately below the president.

  •     Up on a vacancy in the office of the president, he/she shall assume position of the president and fulfill all the presidential role/duties.
  •     Open & preside JUSU executive board and General assembly meeting in the absence & assignment of the president
  •     Shall ensure that the business of the union is carries out.
  •     To do budget for the whole year activities and events with the finance committee
  •     Provide full support to the president

3.3 General Secretary

  •     Next to the V/president he/she is the person with high executive power
  •     He/she shall control stamps and seal of the union.
  •     Whom Authenticated, by the president, shall stamp on official business of the union
  •     He/she shall control and manage proportion of the union.


  •     Both the V/president and the General Secretary are accountable to the president.
  •     The president is accountable to the executive committee
  •     The union is Generally accountable to the students and the office of the university president.



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