About The Programme

Post graduate
The primary objectives of the Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership are to produce:

  • School Principals and supervisors who can play a leading role in providing, maintaining and supporting  quality education
  • Educational leaders who can effectively lead educational institutions at different levels;
  • Educational managers who can effectively manage changes and diversities in educational system;
  • Experts who can democratically communicate with all the stakeholders of educational institutions.

Under Graduate
The specific objectives of the Bachelor of Art Degree Program in Educational Planning is to:

  • Produce educational planners, managers and supervisors who are well informed of the national and regional constitutions, thereby assume leadership positions and responsibilities
  • Produce educational planners and mangers that can generate, manage and utilize educational resources effectively and efficiently
  • Produce educational planners and mangers who can initiate educational changes, innovations and developments by addressing local and regional needs and realities.
  • Produce educational planners and mangers that can mobilize and involve the local communities and thereby strengthen the school and community relationship.
  • Produce educational planners and mangers who are capable of solving educational problems  by applying  skills of educational research