Kassaye Tolessa Sherge

Title: PhD

First Name:Kassaye Tolessa Sherge

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor 

College/Institute: JUCAVM

Department/Team: Horticulture and Plant Science 

Field of Specialization: MSc in Greenhouse Horticulture 

PhD in Applied Biological  Science:  Biophysical control on coffee quality

Research Interest:Plant physiology, Postharvest physiology,  Greenhouse Horticulture technology , Near Infrared Spectrophotometer (NIRS) spectra based quality analysis / prediction  

List of Publications:

  1. Tolessa, K., Rademaker, M., De Baets, B.,and Boeckx, P. (2016).Prediction of specialty coffee cup quality based on near infrared spectra of green coffee beans. Talanta,150: 367-374.
  2. Tolessa, K., D'heer, J, Duchateau L., and Boeckx, P. (2017). Influence of 
  3. Growing altitude, shade and harvest period on quality and biochemical composition of Ethiopian specialty coffee. Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture: 97 (9): 2849-2857.
  4. Yebirzaf, Y., Derbew, B and Tolessa, K. (2016). Tomato (Solanum ycopersicum L.) yield and fruit quality attributes as affected by varieties and growth conditions:World Journal of Agricultural Sciences.12(6): 404-408.
  5. Yebirzaf, Y., Derbew, B and Tolessa, K. (2016). Growth and physiological responses of different tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) varieties in relation to growth conditions.Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research 24 (9): 2904-2908.
  6. Tolessa, K., Adugna, D and Getahun, L. (2013). Evaluating seedling establishment of tomato (Lycoperscum esculentum Mill.) varieties as influenced by NaCl stress. Int Curr Res 3:10-14. 
  7. Adugna, D., Daba G, Bane D., and Tolessa K. (2011). Identification of major causes of postharvest losses among selected fruits in Jimma zone for proffering veritable solutions. Int Curr Res 3:40-43.
  8. Girma, K, Tolessa K and Adugna, D. (2011). Evaluating tomato responses: a means of screening varieties to saline soil. Intern J Current Agric Res. 3: 1-11.
  9. Geremew, A., Teshome A., Tolessa, K and Amenti C. (2010). Effect of intra- row Spacing on yield of three onion (Allium cepa ) varieties at Adami Tulu Agricultural Research Center (mid rift valley of Ethiopia). Journal of Horticulture and Forestry.2(1): 007-011.
  10. Teshome, A., Amenti, C., Tolessa, K., Fiseha, T. and Geremew, A. (2011). Yield and yield components as influenced by plant density on sweet potato on farmers field, Adami Tulu Jido kombolcha area. American Journal of Experimental Agriculture. 1(2): 007-011
  11. Teshome, A., Tolessa, K. and Amenti, C. (2010). Effect of inter-row spacing with double row arrangement on yield and yield component of tomato (Lycopersicon esculuntum Mill.) at Adami Tulu Agricultural Research Center (Central Rift Valley of Oromia, Ethiopia). African Journal of Agricultural Research. 6(13): 2978-2981.

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