CBE Administration

Community based education (CBE) is adminitered by the CBE and Partnership coordinator who is accountable to the Dean.

Resposibilities of the Coordinator:
    • Prepares both strategic & annual Plan regarding CBE and Partnership Management Unit of the College
    • Coordinates all the CBE activities at College Level in collaboration with other Colleges
    • Manage CBTP/DTTP and SRP endeavors at College level
    • Coordinates proper assessment of students in CBE
    • Revises the curriculum of CBE at College level
    • Revise and update guidelines and manuals for CBE with JU CBE director
    • Facilitates all CBE related activities at college
    • Responsible to seek partners and establish linkage and collaboration in areas of academic, research and community services
    • Coordinate various offices of the college in developing projects, identifying areas of partnership and searching for collaborators
    • Submit quarterly and annual plan to the dean and director CBE
    • Prepare/ coordinate seminars/ workshops regarding CBE annually 
Contact Address:
Sentayehu Alamerew
Fax: +25111110934
Tel office: 0471120195
Mobile: +251910155960/+251937117747