JUCAVM as one of the colleges of JU has an innovative education center. It’s educational strategy is Community Based Education (CBE). CBE was started in 2000 at the college level after establishment of Jimma University with amalgamation of Jimma College of Agriculture and Jimma Institute of Health Science in 1999. The strategy of CBE is applied through the following programmes. Community Based Training Programme (CBTP) embraces students learning activity in communities (urban/rural kebeles). In the Development Team Training Programme (DTTP), which is offered for postgraduate students only, different categories of agricultural science students are assigned to work for about 10 weeks in a kebele of rural area as a team during their final year. The community based learning activity follows a problem solving approach, which includes site selection, developing investigation tools, data collection, processing and analyzing, listing and prioritizing problems, drawing plan of action, carrying out intervention, follow up and evaluation by involving all stakeholders.
Objectives of CBE
  • Produce competent professionals who are responsive to the felt needs of society
  • Redirect the learning approach into participatory, team learning by taking into account the development needs of the community
  • Ensure participatory development by involving the community in the problem identification and solving process.
  • Empower the community to address their development needs within local resources and ensure sustainability of the development projects.
  • Work with government and non- government organization and contribute in improving the livelihood of the community
  • Promote development through multidisciplinary and team approach
  • Undertake community based research to identify and solve development problems.
  • Initiate, participate in local, national and international training research and development services.