Research Approach

Research approach
-Need based and problem solving
Thematic areas
    1. Crops (Food, Industrial and Horticultural Crops) Production, Improvement, Biotechnology & Post Harvest Handling, Contributing Towards Food Security,
    2. Livestock Production, Fisheries & Health including Infectious & non Infectious diseases,
    3. Natural Resource Management, Biodiversity and Environment including Climate Change Impacts and Mitigation Mechanisms,
    4. Post Harvest Management, Food Quality and Safety and
    5. Socio-economics, Rural Development, Technology Dissemination and Extension.
Research Priorities
    • Enhancing Food Security, Improving Farm Earnings and Nutritional Status of the community by caring for the natural resource base
    • Environment, ecology and climate change, mitigation and adaptation and Natural Resource Management for Sustainable Development
    • Science for sustainability of community livelihood and development
    • Food security and livelihood