Staff Individual List

First Name:    Endalkachew
Academic Rank:    Assistant Professor
College/Institute:    Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
Department/Team:    Natural Resource Management
Field of Specialization:    Soil Science
Research Interest:    Sediment, land use, and soil Fertility
List of Publications:   
1.    Abebe N and Endalkachew K (2011). Effect  of charcoal production on soil properties in southwestern Ethiopia. Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research 9 (6): 807-813
2.    Abebe N and Endalkachew K (2011). Impact of biomass burning on physicochemical properties of Nitisol in the Southwestern Ethiopia. Asian Journal of Agricultural research 5(4):223-233
3.    Abebe N and Endalkachew K (2012). The Contribution of coffee agroecosystem to soil fertility in southwestern Ethiopia. African Journal of Agricultural Research  7(1): 74-81
4.    N. Broothaerts , E. Kissi , J. Poesen , A. Van Rompaey , K. Getahun , E. Van Ranst , J. Diels (2012). Spatial patterns, causes and consequences of landslides in the Gilgel Gibe catchment, SW Ethiopia. Catena 97:122-136
5.    Abebe N, Endalkachew K, Mastawesha M and Gebremedhin Ambaw (2012). Effect of Biochar Application on Soil Properties and Nutrient Uptake of Lettuces (Lactuca sativa) Grown in Chromium Polluted Soils. American-Eurasian J. Agric. & Environ. Sci., 12 (3): 369-376
6.    Abebe N, Gebremedihin A,  and Endalkachew K  (2013) Fertility status of Eutric Nitisol and fertilizer recommendation using numass in the selected areas of jimma zone, southwestern Ethiopia. Tropical and Subtropical Agroecosystems 16: 487 - 495
7.    Temesgen A, Debela H and Endalkachew K (2014). Area exclosure as a strategy to restore soil fertility status in degraded land in southern Ethiopia. J. Biol. research 31(1): 482-494
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Jimma, Ethiopia
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