Staff Individual List

First Name:    Bayu Dume Gari
Academic Rank:  

College/Institute:    College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine (JUCAVM)
Department/Team:    Natural Resource Management
Field of Specialization:    B.Sc in Applied Chemistry, MSc Student in Soil Science
Research Interest: Biogeochemistry, Environmental analysis, Integrated Soil Fertility Management
List of Publications:   

  1. Bayu Dume, DejeneAyele, AlemayehuRegassa, GezahegnBarecha(2016). Interactive Effects of Biochar in Soil Related to Feedstock and Pyrolysis Temperature. American- Eurasian J.Agric. & Environ. Sci., 16(3): 442-448
  2. Bayu Dume, TadesseMosissa and Amsalu Nebiyu (2016). Effect of Biochar on soil properties and Lead (Pb) availability in a military camp in South West Ethiopia. African Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, 10(3): 77-85
  3. Bahilu B., Abebayehu A., Tadesse M., Bayu Dume(2016).The effect of land Management practices on soil physico-chemical properties in Gojeb Sub-River Basin of Dedo District, Southwest Ethiopia. Journal of Soil Science and Environmental Management, 7(10): 154-165
  4. Bayu Dume,Gezahegn Berecha and Solomon Tulu(2015). Characterization of Biochar Produced at Different Temperatures and its Effect on Acidic Nitosol of Jimma, Southwest Ethiopia. International Journal of Soil Science, 10(2): 63-73.
  5. Abebayehu A, Misginaw T, Abraham B, Solomon T, Alemayehu R and BayuDume (2014). Influences of miniral Nitrogen and Phosphorus fertilization on Yield and yieald contributing components in hot pepper (Capsicum annuum L.). African Journal of Agricultural research, 9(7): 670-675

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