Staff Individual List

First Name:    Amsalu Tilahun Fite
Academic Rank:    Lecturer
College/Institute:    College Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
Department/Team:    Department of Natural Resources Management
Field of Specialization:    Land Resources Management and Environmental Protection/Tropical Land Resources Management
Research Interest:    Watershed management, soil and water conservation, soil fertility
List of Publications:   

  1. Tilahun, A., Kebede, F., Yamoah, C., Erens, H., Mujinyac, B.B., Verdoodt, A., Van  Ranst, E., 2012. Quantifying  the  masses  of  Macrotermes  subhyalinus  mounds  and  evaluating  their use  as  a  soil  amendment. Journal of Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 157 pp, 54– 59

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