Staff Individual List


First Name:    Alemayehu Regassa (PhD)
Academic Rank:    Assistant Professor
College/Institute:    College Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
Department/Team:    Department of Natural Resources Management
Field of Specialization:    Soil Science
Research Interest:

Soil Genesis and Classifications, Soil Survey and Land Evaluation
List of Publications:
  1. 1. Van Ranst, E., Dumon, M., Tolossa, A.R., Cornelis, J.,  Stoops, T. G., Vandenberghe, R.E., Deckers, J.. 2011. Revisiting ferrolysis processes in the formation of Planosols for rationalizing the soils with stagnic properties in WRB. Geoderma 163 (2011) 265–274.
  2. Mathijs Dumon, Alemayehu Regassa Tolossa, Boris Capon, Christophe Detavernier, Eric Van Ranst, 2014. Quantitative clay mineralogy of a Vertic Planosol in southwestern Ethiopia. Geoderma 214–215 (2014) 184–196.
  3. Cornelis, J.T., M. Dumon, Tolossa, A.R., Delvaux, B., Deckers, J., Van Ranst, E.  2014. The effect of pedological conditions on the sources and sinks of silicon in the Vertic Planosols in south-western Ethiopia. Catena 112 (2014) 131–138.
  4. Abebayehu Aticho, Misginaw Tamirat, Abraham Bantirgu, Solomon Tulu, Alemayehu Regassa and Bayu Dume, 2014.  Influences of mineral nitrogen and phosphorous fertilization on yield and yield contributing components in hot pepper (Capsicum annuum L.).  African Journal of Agricultural Research. Vol. 9(7), 670-675.
  5. Alemayehu Regassa, Van Deale K., De Papua P., Dumon M., Dickers J., Asfawossen Asrat, Van Ranst E., 2014. Characterizing weathering intensity and trends of geological materials in the Gilgel Gibe catchment, southwestern Ethiopia. Journal of African Earth Sciences 99 (2014) 568-580.
  6. Mertensa,K., Tolossaa, A.R., Verdoodt, A.,  Dumon, M.J., Deckers, Van Ranst, E., 2014. Impact of traditional soil burning (guie) on properties and reclamation of Planosols in southwestern Ethiopia. Journal of Soil Use and Management 31 (2015) 330-336.a Equal contribution of both authors.
  7. De Wispelaere, L., Marcelino, V., Alemayehu Regassa, De Grave, E., Dumon, M., Mees, F.,  Van Ranst, E., 2015. Revisiting nitic horizon properties of Nitisols in SW Ethiopia. Geoderma 243-244 (2015) 69-79.
  8. Bahilu Bezabih, Mulugeta lemenih, Alemayehu Regassa, 2014. Soil Fertility Status as Affected by Different Land Use Types and Topographic Positions: A Case of Delta Sub-Watershed, Southwestern Ethiopia. Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare 4, 27(2014).
  9. Abdeta Jembere, Gezahegn Berecha, Alemayehu Regassa, 2015. Impacts of termites on selected soil physico-chemical characteristics in humid highlands of south-west ethiopia. Agronomy and Soil Science (Under review)
  10. Alemayehu Regassa Tolossa, Mathijs Dumon, Laure Vandemeulebroeke, Kim Van Daele, Vicky Proost, Eric Van Ranst, 2015. Suitability of bleached top layer of Vertic Planosols for brick making in Southwest Ethiopia. Materials (under review).
  11. Alemayehu Regassa, Mathijs Dumon,  Eric Van Ranst.  Planosols in the Soilscape of the Gilgel Gibe catchment, South west Ethiopia. Catena (under review).
  12. Bayu Dume, Dejene Ayele,Alemayehu Regassa, Gezahegn Barecha, 2016. Interactive Effects of Biochar in Soil Related to Feedstock and Pyrolysis Temperature. American-Eurasian J. Agric. & Environ. Sci., 16 (3): 442-448, 2016.
  13. Bahilu Bezabih, Mulugeta Lemenih and Alemayehu Regassa, 2016. Farmers perception on soil fertility status of smallscale farming system in southwestern Ethiopia. Journal of Soil Science and Environmental Management. Vol. 7(9), pp. 143-153.
  14. Sisay Assefa, Endalkachew Kissi, Alemayehu Regassa, 2016. Jatropha Curcas L. for Rehabilitation of Degraded Land of Gilgel Gibe Watershed, South Western Ethiopia. Journal of Biology, Agriculture and Healthcare, Vol.6, No.19, 2016.
  15. B.Dume, D.A.Tessema, A.R. Tolossa, G.Berecha , 2016. Improving Available Phosphorus in Acidic Soil Using Biochar.  Plant, Soil and Environment (under review).
  16. Abdeta jembere, Gezahegn Barecha, Alemayehu Regassa, 2016. Socio-economic Impact of Termites and evaluation of their Control Measures in the Highlands of South-Western Ethiopia. Plant Pathology (Under review).

Papers presented on International conferences

  1. Eric Van Ranst, Alemayehu Regassa Tolossa, Mathijs Dumon, Jean-Thomas Cornelis, Jozef Deckers, 2010.  On the origin of Planosols – the process of ferrolysis revisited. Paper presented on the 19th World Congress of Soil Science, Soil Solutions for a Changing World. 1 – 6 August 2010, Brisbane, Australia. Published on DVD.
  2. Alemayehu Regassa Tolossa, 2011. Formation and Characteristics of Nitisols in South West Ethiopia. Paper presented on IAG/AIG regional conference. Theme: geomorphology for human adaptation to changing tropical environments. Febrruary 18-22, 2011, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  3. Cornelis, J.-T., M. Dumon, A.R. Tolossa, B. Delvaux1, J. Deckers4, E. Van Ranst, 2011. The genesis of an Ethiopian Vertic Planosol elucidated by the study of silicon dynamics in the topsoil. In: Proceedings of the IUSS Commission on Soil Geography 2011 held in Hohenheim, Germany. July 28th – August 01th, 2011.
  4. Alemayehu Regassa, Van Deale K., De Papua P., Dumon M., Dickers J., Asfawossen Asrat, Van Ranst E., 2013. Characterization of geological materials in the Gilgel Gibe catchment, South‐western Ethiopia: importance for and impact on studies on soil materials and soil genesis. Paper presented on 24th colloquium of African Geology (CAG 24). 8-14 January, 2013, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
  5. Alemayehu Regassa, A. Verdoodt, M. Dumon, S. Deckers, E. Van Ranst, 2013. The effects of soil burning practice 'guie' on soil properties and its impact on eucalyptus production on planosols in the Gilgel Gibe catchment, Southwest Ethiopia. Paper presented on the Soils, Land Use and Health International conference.  28 to 31 August, 2013, Lushoto, Tanzania.