Staff Individual List

First Name:Abebe Nigussie Nigatu
Academic Rank:    Assistant Professor
College/Institute:    College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
Department/Team:    Natural Resources Management
Field of Specialization:    Soil Sciences
Research Interest:    Soil chemistry and biochemistry, biochar, waste management
List of Publications:   
1.    Abebe N and Endalkachew K (2011). Effect of biomass burning on the selected physicochemical properties of Nitisol, southwestern Ethiopia (in press)
2.    Abebe N and Endalkachew K (2011). Effect of charcoal production on the selected properties in southwestern Ethiopia (in press)
3.    Abebe N and Endalkachew K (2011). Contribution of coffee agroecosystem to soil fertility in southwestern Ethiopia (in press)
4.    Abebe N and Endalkachew K (2011). Response of soil quality indicators to the subsequent conversation of forest coffee (in press)
5.    Abebe N and Endalkachew K (2011). Soil fertility status of Eutric Nitisol and fertilizer recommendation using NuMaSS (in press)
6.    Abebe N and Endalkachew K, Mastawesha M and Gebremedhin Ambaw (2011). Effect of biochar application on soil properties and uptake of lettuces grown in chromium polluted soils (in press)
Contact address
P. O. Box:    307, Jimma
Office Tel.:    +251 47112-31-70
Cell Phone:    + 251-9288-400-49
Fax:    +251 471 110934
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