School Administration

The school runs its activities with 30 man powers: 16 academic staffs, five laboratory technicians, five laboratory attendants 5 non academic staff members.  
The school do have a head, under the head the academic staffs are organized in six course case team namely: clinical studies, hospital and community services, biomedical sciences, Biostatistics and Epidemiology, public health, team microbiology and immunology and, pathology

  1. School Head: Professor Tadele Tolosa
  2.  Clinical studies, hospital and community services team leader: Dr. Takele Sori
  3. Biomedical sciences team leader: Dr. Nuraddis Iberahim
  4. Biostatistics and Epidemiology team leader: Dr. Feyessa Begna
  5. Veterinary public health team leader: Dr. Mekonnen Addis
  6. Microbiology and immunology team leader: Dr. Yosef Deneke
  7. Pathology and Parasitology team leader: Dr. Assefa kebede
  8. Externship program coordinator: Dr. Mekonnen Addis

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