Staff Individual List

Name: Yisehak Kechero Kebede (PhD)
Rank:Associate professor
Field of specialization:Animal nutrition (Vet. Science)
Research interest:    Nutrigenomics, nutrient metabolism and modeling in farm animals
Lists of publications:
1.    Kechero Yisehak, Kebede Biruk, Beyene Abegaze, Geert P. J. Janssens, 2014 (in press). Growth performance, nutrient digestibility and carcass evaluation of Bonga sheep fed tannin rich diet (Albizia gummifera) with or without polyethylene glycol. Tropical animal health and production-Springer (In press)
2.    Yisehak, K., D. Johan, Geert PJ Janssens, 2014. Effects of supplementing tannin rich diets with polyethylene glycol on digestibility and zoo technical performances of zebu cattle bulls (Bos indicus). Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition, 98(3): 431–438.
3.    Yisehak, K., Becker, A., Rothman, J. M., Dierenfeld, E. S., Marescau, B., Bosch, G., Hendriks, W., Janssens, G. P. J., 2012a. Aminoacidic profile of salivary proteins and plasmatic trace mineral response to dietary condensed tannins in free-ranging zebu cattle (Bos indicus) as a marker of habitat degradation. Livestock Science,144(3): 275-280.
4.    K. Yisehak, D. Belay, T. Taye, Geert P.J. Janssens, (2013). Impact of soil erosion associated factors on available feed resources for free-ranging cattle at three altitude regions: measurements and perceptions. Journal of arid environments. 98:70-78
5.    Yisehak, K., 2013. Tannin binding strategies in ruminants and their effects on performance: Principles and approaches. PhD dissertation submitted to Ghent University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Ghent (Merelbeke), Belgium.
6.    V. Dermauw, K. Yisehak, E.S. Dierenfeld, G. DuLaing, J. Buyse, B. Wuyts, G.P.J. Janssens, 2013. Effects of trace element supplementation on apparent nutrient digestibility and utilization in grass-fed zebu (Bos indicus) cattle. Livestock Science, 155(1):49-56.
7.    Yisehak K., Taye T, H. Aynalem, 2013. Characteristics and determinants of livestock production in Jimma zone/southwestern Ethiopia. African Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences, 5 (2): 69-81.
8.    Yisehak, K. Janssens, G. P J. 2013. Evaluation of nutritive value of leaves of tropical tanniferous trees and shrubs. Livestock Research for Rural Development. 25 (28). Http://
9.    Chufamo Belay, Kechero Yisehak, Bekele Mihreteab and Beyene Abegaze, 2013. Comparison of the Efficacy of Different Modes of Extraction of 5 Tannin Rich Plants on Haemonchus contortus: Searching for Indicators Based on A Range of In vitro assays. Global Veterinaria 11 (6): 759-766.
10.    T. Philimon, K. Yisehak, B. Abegaze, (2013 accepted). Characterization of beef cattle production systems in three selected woredas of east shewa zone, Ethiopia. African Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences (accepted).  
11.    Chufamo Belay, Kechero Yisehak and Bekele Mihreteab, (2013 accepted). Effects of Species, Storage Conditions and Dosage of Extraction Solvents on Condensed Tannin Concentration, World journal of agricultural sciences (accepted)
12.    Z. Belachew, Yisehak K, , T. Taye, G. P. J. Janssens, 2012c. Chemical composition and in sacco ruminal degradation of leaves and fruits of tropical trees rich in condensed tannins. Czech Journal of Animal Science, 58, 2013 (4): 176–192.
13.    Dermauw, V., Yisehak, K., Belay, D., Van Hecke, T., Du Laing, G.,  Duchateau, L., Geer P. J. Janssens, 2012. Mineral deficiency status of ranging zebu (Bos indicus) cattle around the Gilgel Gibe catchment, Ethiopia. Tropical Animal Health and Production. DOI 10.1007/s11250-012-0337-4
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16.    Belay D., Yisehak K., Geert P.J. Janssens, 2012. Productive and reproductive performance of zebu + Holstein-Friesian crossbred dairy cows in Jimma town, Oromia, Ethiopia. Global Veterinaria, 8 (1): 67-72.
17.    Yisehak K., A. Becker, D. Belay, G. Bosch, W.H. Hendriks, M. Clauss,  G. P. J. Janssens, 2011. Salivary amino acid concentrations in zebus (Bos indicus) and zebu hybrids (Bos indicus × Bos taurus) fed a tannin-rich diet. Belgian Journal of Zoology, 141 (2): 93-96.
18.    Yisehak K., Solomon M., Tadele M., 2011.  Roles of Moringa stenopetala, a miracle vegetable tree, in food security in south Ethiopia. Asian Journal of Agricultural Research,4(2):27-38.
19.    Mihreteab, B., Tilahun G., Yisehak K., Mesele A., 2011. In-vitro anthelmintic activity of condensed tannins from Rhus glutinosa, Syzygium guineenses and Albizia gummifera against sheep Haemonchus contortus. Global Veterinaria, 6(5): 476-484.
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24.    Yisehak, K., B. Biruk, Abegaze, G.P.J. Janssens, 2012. Effect of dietary inclusion of polyethylene glycol on in vivo and in vitro nutritional parameters for a tropical condensed tannin rich diet. Proceeding of the 16th Meeting of European Society of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition (ESVCN), September 13-15, 2012, Bydgoszcz, Poland.
25.    Yisehak K. Geert P.J. Janssens, 2012. Dietary tannins and their multiple effects and adaptation of ruminants to tannin rich diets. Belgian platform for tropical animal production and health. Seminar presentation (ppt). September, 2010, Jimma, Ethiopia.
26.    Yisehak, K., D. Belay, G.P.J. Janssens, 2009. Adaptation of cattle to tannin rich diet. 13th ESVCN congress.31 October-2 December, 2009. Oristano, Sardinia, Italy, pp.110-110.
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33.    Belay D., K. Yisehak, T. Taye, G. P.J. Janssens, 2009. Association between nutritional strategies and cattle performance in a region with severe soil erosion. 13th ESCVN-Congress.September 25-27,Vienna Austria.
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36.    Yisehak K., 2006. What the camel is all about: A teaching text for the course camel production and management. JUCAVM. 280p.
37.    Yisehak K., 2005. Effect of intercropping rhodes grass (Chloris gayana) and clover (Melilotus alba) on forage yield, nutritional quality and soil fertility. MSc Thesis. Dire Dawa, Ethiopia. 120pp.
Dr. Yisehak Kechero Kebede  ,Jimma University,
College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
Department of Animal Sciences
P.O. Box 307, Jimma, Ethiopia
E-mail: yisehakkechero@yahoo.coms/