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Name:Kebede Debele Milki
Academic Rank :   
Lecturer (MSc)
Filed of specialization    
Research interest    
In area of Apiculture
List of Publications   
1.Amssalu Bezabehi and Kebede Debele, (2004). The effect of embossed wax foundation sheets on local honeybees. Proceedings of the 12th Conference of the Ethiopian Society of Animal Production, pp.99-108. Addis Ababa

2 Kebede Debele and Amssalu Bezabih, (2001). Study on ways of making plain wax foundation sheets and its effect on honey yield. Proceeding of the third National Conference of Ethiopian Beekeepers association, pp. 43-51.Addis Ababa

3 Kebede Debele and Gavi Gowda, (2005). Testing colonies of Indian honeybee, Apiscerana for hygienic behaviour by freeze-killing method. Indian Bee journal, 67(3&4): 168-172.
4 Kebede Debele and Gavi Gowda, (2005). Comparative foraging activity of hygienic and non-hygienic colonies of Indian honeybee, Apis Cerana. Indian Bee journal, 67(3&4): 85-87
5 Chala Kinati, Taye Tolemariam and Kebede Debele (2011). Quality evaluationof honey produced in Gomma Woreda of South Western Ethiopia. LivestockResearch for Rural Development, 23 (9): 2011
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