JU Staff Become One of the Candidates for Honorary Degree

Solomon Demeke, a Professor in Poultry Production and Animal Nutrition and a staff member at Jimma University, become among the candidates to receive an Honorary degree from Dalhousie University for Spring Convocation 2014. The Convocation is a ceremeny steeped in tradition that goes back centuries as the first Bachelor of Arts degress were awarded at Dalhousie in 1866. At Spring Convocation this year, Dal will present honorary degrees to nine impressive leaders who have inspired action, shaped fields of study, refocused debates and changed the lives of people around the world. Their ranks include the president and CEO of a vital health-care institution for the Atlantic Region; the inventor behind a revolutionary poultry device for East African farmers, Prof. Solomon Demeke; and the only person known to have been born into North Korea's prison camps and escaped. Read more click here