Department Administration

Name: Adugna Eneyew Bekele
Academic Rank:    Assistant professor
Position: Department Head
College/Institute:    College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
Department/Team:    Agricultural Economics and Extension
Field of Specialization:    Rural Development & Agricultural Extension (Rural Development )
Research Interest:    Sustainable livelihoods, food security, gender
List of Publications:    
1)    The role of small scale irrigation in poverty reduction J. Dev. Agric. Econ, Jan, 2014
2)    Untied efforts: The challenges for improved research, extension and education linkages; Education Research & Reviews Vol 8(12), pp, 792-799, June 2013.
3)    Analysis of Wealth and Livelihood Capitals in Southern Ethiopia: A Lesson for policy makers Curr. Res. J. Soc. Sci., 5(1): 1-10, 2013
4)    Economic impact of small scale irrigation schemes: evidence from Ethiopian Rift Valley Basins: Ethiopian Journal of Water Science & technology 12(1).
5)    Double marginalized livelihoods: Invisible gender inequality in pastoral societies. Societies 3(1).
6)    Determinants of poverty in pastoral communities; Livestock for Rural Development Vol 25 ( 2)
7)    Factors influencing income level of (agro-) pastoral communities’ international journal of social economics, Vol 40 issue 3.
8)    Cause of household food insecurity in Wolaita, JSPPR Vol 3(3), pp 35-48, 2012
9)    Farm Management: concepts, principles and applications, Lambert publishing Germany
Contact Address    
Email: or
Mobile: 0911762519
P.O.Box: 307, Jimma University College of Agriculture & Veterinary Medicine

Case team/ course team leaders: Getachew Niguse, Meskerem Million, Gedam Brehane and Dr Adeba Gemechu
Peer groups mentors: Akalu Dafisa, Adane Bulo, Gedam Brehane, Abreham Tegegn, Wubishet Chala, Simon Seyoum, Biruk Fikadu, Amsalu Mitiku,
CBE/DTTP coordinator: Biruk Fikadu
Nich project coordinator: Getachew Niguse
Research & Ethical Review Board member: Akalu Dafisa