Individual staff Profile

First Name:    Tigist Nardos
Academic Rank:    MSc.
College/Institute:    JUCAVM
Department/Team:    Horticulture
Field of Specialization:    Postharvest Physiology
Research Interest:    On plant and postharvest physiology
List of Publications:   
1.    Tigist, N.T., Brian, F. and Woltering, E. 2012. Investigation on the Cause(s) of Tomato Fruits Discoloration and Damage under Chilling Condition Using External Antioxidants and Hot Water Treatment. Asian Journal of plant science.  11(5): 217-225.

2.    Tigist, N.T., Brian, F. and Woltering, E. 2012. Effect of Ethylene and 1-Methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) on Color and Firmness of Red and Breaker Stage Tomato Stored at Different Temperatures.  American Journal of Food Technology. 7(9): 542-551.

3.    Ali Mohammed, Wosene Gebreselassie and Tigist Nardos. 2013. Effect of Effective Microorganisms (EM) Seed Treatment and Types of Potting Mix on the Emergence and Growth of Coffee (Coffea arabica L.) Seedlings. International Journal of Agricultural Research. 8(1): 34-41
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P. O. Box:    1643 Jimma, Ethiopia
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