BSc in Sugarcane Agronomy

The objectives of under graduate training in plant sciences with special focus on sugarcane Agronomy are to:
  • Provide students with basic and applied knowledge and skills of sugarcane production, protection and natural resources.
  • Enable the students to understand and comprehend problems in crop production and seek solutions through exposure to research, extension and management
  • Enable the students to gain the skill and knowledge of managing and conserving natural resources and protecting the environment,
  • Provide the students with the knowledge of handling plants and their products.
  • Integrate teaching-research activities with extension activities so as to extend the new improved technologies to the farmers,
  • Provide students with basic communication skills and leadership
  • To produce students that have good sugarcane and other crops production skills.
 Entry requirements    
  • The admission requirement for regular, advance standing, extension and summer students are as per the rules and regulations of MoE and legislations of the respective universities
  • To be admitted to this program a candidate should meet admission requirements of Ethiopian Higher Education Institutions.
  • Special admissions may be granted to attract potentially resourceful candidates such as matured students. The Universities can work out the details
Graduate profile
After successful completion of the program, graduates will have to:
  • Identify and analyze problems related to plant production and protection.
  • Collect and analyze information and translate this into easily manageable and understandable terms for user.
  • Promote and disseminate agricultural technology through training.
  • Planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating   programs/projects related to plant production, protection and management
  • Design and conduct trainings for specific skills and knowledge in areas of plant sciences in training centers, agricultural colleges and universities
  • Generate self-employment, establish and manage enterprises in their profession and related fields
  • Consult and advise in the field of Plant Sciences.
  • Management sugarcane and other crops production by employing proper agronomic practices
  • Diagnose crop plant diseases and insect pests and conduct appropriate controlling measures
  • Carry out research, write clear reports and produce scientific publications  in his/her professional field of study
  • Conducts plantation status monitoring, scheduling of sugarcane field operations, cane plantation operation management
  • Have farm resource management, communication and analytical skills
  • Interact with other people and engage in team working
  • Prepare and control budget and manage human resource in  sugarcane farms
Graduation requirement
  • Minimum ECTS for graduation is a total of 180
  • Minimum CGPA of 2.00 on scale of 1- 4
  • No F (fail) or Fx grade in the transcript

Degree nomenclature: Bachelor of Science in Plant Sciences (Sugarcane Agronomy)