Staff Individual List

First Name:    Tariku
Academic Rank:    PhD sttudent
College/Institute:    Jimma College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
Department/Team:    Natural Resources Management Department
Field of Specialization:    Wildlife Ecology
Research Interest:    Large Mammal Ecology, Wetland Birds
List of Publications:   
1.    Tariku, M. and Abebayehu, A. 2011.The driving forces of Boye wetland degradation and its bird species composition, Jimma, Southwestern Ethiopia. Journal of Ecology and the Natural Environment Vol. 3(8), ISSN 2006 – 984.
2.    Tariku, M., Mohammed, Y., Afework, B. and James, M. 2011. Food selection and habitat association of Starck’s hare (Lepus starcki) in Bale Mountains National Park,Ethiopia. Asian Journal of Applied Sciences, 4(7):728-734, 2011. ISSN 1996-3343/DOI:10.3923.
3.    Mohammed, Y., Tariku, M., Afework, B. and James, M. 2011. Food Selection and Feeding Behaviorof Giant Mole Rat (Tachyocytesmacrocephalus, Ruppell, 1842) from Sanetti Plateau of Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia. 4(7):735-740.
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