Staff Individual List

Name:-Abegaz Beyene Zelelew
Academic Rank:- Assistant Professor (PhD)
Filed of specialization:- Animal Nutrition
Research interest:Minerals in animal nutrition
List of Publications   
1.    Abegaze B. 1985. Milk productivity of different lines of Frisian breed
       cows (M.Sc Thesis).
2.    Abegaze B. 1992. A dairy goat development scheme milk shortage of
       the peasant farmer and its solution in Jimma township area
3.    Abegaze B.1995. Initiation of smalls call market oriented dairy farm
       aimed at poor urban women in jimma
4.    Abegaze B. 1997.  A teaching text for Dairy cattle and dairy goat
       production  Jimma
5.    Abegaze B. 1999. Dairy cattle production and management teaching
       text Jimma
6.    Abegaze B. 2008. Utilization of calcium from calcite powder in dairy
       cattle (PhD Thesis).
Contract address: college of agriculture 307