The department owns Molecular Biology/Molecular Breeding lab (equipped with the necessary equipment such as PCR machines, electrophoresis units, deep freezers, cold room, water purification system, autoclaves, water distillers, spectrophotometer (plate scanner), high throughput DNA extraction system(genogrinder and sample dryer), centrifuges, etc); Plant Physiology lab (equipped with: Gas exchange measurement ,CO2 Analyzer, Chlorophyll fluorometer, Infrared thermometer, Near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), Digital sling psychomotor, Conductivity tester, Sun scan, etc); Tissue culture lab (Laminar Airflow hood, Growth Chamber, Nitrogen analyzer, Deionizer, Deep Freezer, Steam sterilizer, etc.); Plant Protection laboratories (Laminar Airflow hoods, Digital growth chambers, light microscopes, compound-digital-microscope, deep freezer, AmScope image analyzer, nematode extraction setups, etc), greenhouses, net-houses, demonstration field sites and research field. Moreover, Common computer center, common library and smart class rooms.