Staff Individual List

First Name:    Fikadu Mitiku Abdissa
Academic Rank:    Associate Professor (PhD)
College/Institute:    College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine
Department/Team:    Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness Management
Field of Specialization: Bioscience Engineering (Agricultural and Development Economics)
Research Interest:    Development economics (policy/program/project impact evaluation), ecosystem services and livelihood; rural development and food security agricultural marketing and the role of institutions.
Curent possition: Dean of College of Agriculture & Veterinary Medicine

List of Publications:   

  1. Asfaw, M., Geta, E. & Mitiku, F. 2019. Economic Efficiency of Smallholder Farmers in Wheat Production: The Case of Abuna Gindeberet District, Western Ethiopia. Review of Agricultural and Applied             Economics (RAAE), 22 (1), 65-75
  2. Fikadu, L., Duguma, G. & Mitiku, F. 2019. Pull and Push Factors for Producers’ Membership in Dairy Marketing Cooperatives in Jimma Zone, Oromia, Ethiopia, Journal of Agribusiness and Rural                   Development, 51(1), 21-31
  3. Gebeyehu, L., Emana, B., Mitiku, F. & Ejeta, T.T. 2019. Determinants of Access to Agricultural Credit among Small holder Maize Farmers: The Case of Hababo Guduru District, Horro Guduru                      Wollega Zone, Ethiopia. International Journal of Horticulure, Agriculture and Food Sciences, 3, 112-118
  4. Negasa, E., Mitiku, A. & Mitiku, F. 2019. Analysis of Coffee Value Chain Finance in Bodji Dirmeji District of West Wollega, Ethiopia, Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management, 12             (1), 32-42
  5. Shanko, G., Mitiku, F.& Kaso, T. 2019. Factors Affecting Dairy Producers’ Participation in Dairy Processing and the Level of Participation in Bishoftu Town, East Shewa, Oromia, Ethiopia. Journal of               Resources Development and Management, 61, 8-13
  6.  Mitiku, F., Nyssen, J. & Maertens, M. 2018. Certification of Semi-forest Coffee as a Land-sharing Strategy in Ethiopia. Ecological Economics, 145, 194-204.
  7. Mitiku, F., de Mey, Y., Nyssen, J. & Maertens, M. 2017. Do Private Sustainability Standards Contribute to Income Growth and Poverty Alleviation? A Comparison of Different Coffee Certification                    Schemes in Ethiopia. Sustainability, 9 (2), 246.
  8. Temesgen, F., Emana, B., Mitiku, F. & Gobena, E. 2017. Application of multivariate  probit on determinants of sesame farmers market outlet choices in Gimbi District, Ethiopia. African Journal of                  Agricultural Research, 12 (38), 2830-2835
  9. Weldeyohanis, S., Negash, R. & Mitiku, F. 2017. Value Chain Analysis of    Malt Barley                (Hordeumvulgarel.): A Way Out for Agricultural Commercialization? The Case of                Lemu                     Bilbilo District, Oromia Region, Ethiopia. Journal of Economics and                Sustainable         Development, 8 (13), 81-97
  10. Ocho, F. L., Yadessa, G.B., Abdissa, F.M., and Bekele, A.E. 2017. Why does food insecurity                persist in Ethiopia? Trends, challenges and prospects of food security in Ethiopia.                                   Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics, 9(12), 341-354
  11. Ocho, F. L., Abdissa, F.M., Yadessa, G.B. and Bekele, A.E. 2016. Smallholder farmers' knowledge, perception and practice in pesticide use in South Western Ethiopia. Journal of Agriculture and                    Environment for International Development, 110 (2), 307-323
  12.  Bekele, A.E. and Abdissa, F.M. 2016. Vulnerability to food insecurity and households' coping strategies. Journal of Rural Development, 34 (4), 529-542
  13. Tolamariam, T., Eneyew, A. and Mitiku, F.  2015. Development Agents’ perception about the effect of climate risk on livestock production. Livestock Research for Rural Development 27(5)
  14. Abafita, J., Mitiku, F. and Kim, K.R. 2013. Korea’s Saemaul Undong (New Village Movement): A Model for Rural Development in Ethiopia? Korean Journal of International Agriculture, 25(3), 217-230
  15. Deribie, E., Nigussie, G. & Mitiku, F. 2012. Filling the Breach: Microfinance. Journal of Business and Economic Management, 1(1), 010-017


Working papers and papers under review:


  1. Mitiku, F., Otto, E., Abera, N., Regassa, A., Hundera, K., Nyssen, J., Muys, B. & Maertens, M. 2019. Can Certification Improve the Sustainability of Smallholders Coffee Production in Ethiopia? Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment

  2. Mitiku, F., Akoyi,K.T. & Maerten, M. 2019. Sustainability Certification and Child Welfare in the African Coffee Sector. Journal of Cleaner production

  3. Tekalign, S., Eneyew, A. & Mitiku, F. 2019. Gender Roles in Teff Value Chain in Borecha District of South Western Ethiopia: Husband And Wife Comparisions. Journal of Agribusiness and Rural Development

  4. Gebeyehu, L., Emana, B. & Mitiku, F. 2018. Impact of Credit on Maize Productivity among Smallholder Farmers in Horro Guduru Wollega Zone, Ethiopia. Ethiopian Journal of        Applied Science and Technology

  5. Abate, D., Negash, R. & Mitiku, F. 2019. Smallholder Farmers’ Commercialization of Wheat Production in Sayint Adjibar, Northern Ethiopia: Market Participation. Cogent Food and Agriculture.

  6. Eneyew, A., Mitiku, F. & Tolemariam, T. 2019. Perception of small livestock keepers about the effect of climate related risks on household food security : The case of Mana and Sokoru Woredas Jimma Zone 

Ongoing Research Works (Manuscripts ready for submission):

  1. Mitiku, F., De Bauw, M., Vranken, L., Nyssen, J. & Maertens, M. 2019. Preferences of Smallholder Coffee Producers for Rainforest Alliance Certification in Southwestern Ethiopia

  2. Dandano, D., Wolteji, B. & Mitiku, F. 2020. Factors Affecting Loan Repayment Performance of Smallholder Farmers: The Case of Microfinance Institutions in Toke Kutaye District, West Shoa Zone, Ethiopia

  3. Asfew, E., Mitiku, F. & Jaleta, M. 2020. Varietal Level Adoption of Improved Wheat Variety Using Farmers’ Recall and DNA Fingerprinting Data in Ethiopia

  4. Asfew, E., Mitiku, F. & Jaleta, M. 2020. Impact of Improved Wheat Variety Adoption on Wheat Productivity Using DNA Fingerprinting data in Ethiopia

  5. Delacha, L., Heji, J. & Mitiku, F. 2020. Livelihood Diversification in Pastoral Households of Yabello District, Borena Zone, Oromia Ethiopia

  6. Iticha, M.D., Mitiku, F.&Jaleta, M. 2020. Determinants and Profitability of Inorganic Fertilizer use in Maize Production by Smallholder Farmers in Nono Benja District,  Oromia Region Ethiopia

  7. Terefe, E., Emana, B. & Mitiku, F. 2020. Haricot Bean Value Chain Analysis in Boset Woreda, Oromia National Regional State, Ethiopia. 

  8. Kitessa, W., Eneyew, A. & Mitiku, F. 2020. Effect of Cooperative Membership on Market Outlet Choice The Case of Anfillo District, Western Ethiopia

Conference Participations:

  1. Mitiku, F., de Mey, Y., Nyssen, J and Maertens, M. 2015. Do Private Sustainability Standards Contribute to Poverty Alleviation? Comparison of Different Coffee Certification Schemes in  Ethiopia.                16th PhD Symposium Agricultural  and Natural Resource Economics, April 29, 2015, Brussels, Belgium
  2. Mitiku, F., de Mey, Y., Nyssen, J and Maertens, M. 2015. Do Private Sustainability Standards Contribute to Poverty Alleviation? Comparison of Different Coffee Certification Schemes in Ethiopia. 6th              European Association of Agricultural Economics    (EAAE) PhD workshop, 2015, Rome, Italy
  3. Mitiku, F., Nyssen, J. and Maertens, M. 2017. Can forest coffee certification reverse the need for intensification? Evidence from Ethiopia. 3rd Global Food Symposium Conference, April 27, 2017,                  Gottingen, Germany
  4. Mitiku, F. 2017. Coffee Certification and Sustainable Smallholder Coffee Intensification in Southwestern Ethiopia. RLC/ZEF workshop “Sustainable agriculture and rural transformation: meeting                    farmers’ needs in socio-ecological systems”, from June 10-15, 2017, Bonn, Germany
  5. Mitiku, F., Akoyi, T. & Maertens, M. 2018. Is prohibiting child labour enough? Coffee certification and child schooling in Ethiopia and Uganda. 30th International of Conference of Agricultural Economics, Canada's West Coast, in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, July 28 - August 2, 2018.

Seminar presentations:

  1. Mitiku, F., de Mey, Y., Nyssen, J and Maertens, M. 2015. Do private Sustainability Standards Contribute to Poverty Alleviation? Comparison of Different Coffee Certification Schemes in Ethiopia. Bioeconomics Seminar Series, February 20, 2015, KU Leuven, Belgium
  2. Mitiku, F., Nyssen, J and Maertens, M. 2017.  Can Coffee Certification Promote Land-sharing and Protect Forest in Ethiopia? Bioeconomics Seminar Series, July 10, 2015, KU Leuven, Belgium
  3. Mitiku, F., Nyssen, J and Maertens, M. 2017. Can Coffee Certification Increase Child Schooling and Reduce Child Labor in Ethiopia? Bioeconomics Seminar Series, March 30, 2017, KU Leuven, Belgium

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