PhD in Agronomy

Program Goal

To contribute to the national food and nutrition security and sustained domestic production for enhancing industrialization in the country through training of professionals that would bring about increased efficiency and skill for quality food and the creation of enabling environment that supports the commercialization of agriculture.

 Program Objective

The major objectives of opening PhD level training in Agronomy are to:

  • Produce highly qualified graduates with the knowledge, attitude and skills necessary for promoting agronomic crops production.
  • Generate and/or adopt appropriate technologies through client oriented, demand driven and problem solving research activities in the areas of agronomic crops, production and processing.
  • Produce highly qualified graduates with the knowledge, attitude and skills in Agronomy who can work independently in research, teaching and consultancy at national and international level
  • Actively involve in the dissemination of appropriate technologies to ultimate users through the college’s well cherished community outreach programs, workshops, net working and consultancy/advisory services.

Professional Profile

 The training in Agronomy at PhD level will produce professionals that are:

  •  Highly qualified in terms of their profession for both practical and scientific aspects of Agronomy
  • Subject matter experts on production, management, processing, marketing and value addition of food, beverage and feed crops
  •  Primary resourceful persons to serve for consultation on investment in Agronomy and policy issue pertaining to their specific field.
  • Agronomic researchers who are capable of planning and conducting of research to bring about changes yield and quality.

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