List of Programs

The department runs 15 programs at various levels:

PhD Programs

  1. PhD in  Horticulture
  2. PhD in Plant Breeding
  3. PhD in  Plant Pathology
  4. PhD in Agronomy

MSc Programs

  1. Masters (MSc) in Horticulture (Regular and Summer)
  2. Masters(MSc) in Agronomy (Regular and Summer)
  3. Masters (MSc) in Plant breeding (Regular and Summer)
  4. Masters (MSc) in Plant pathology (Regular and Summer)
  5. Masters (MSc) in Entomology (Regular and Summer)
  6. Masters (MSc) in Plant Biotechnology  (Regular and Summer)
  7. Masters (MSc) in Industry Based Horticulture     (On-location)
  8. Masters (MSc) in Plant Protection (Regular and Summer)
  9. Masters (MSc) in Weed Science (Regular and Summer)

Remark: All the MSc programs (indicated #1-8) run in regular, summer and weakened modalities 

BSc programs

  1. Bachelor (BSc) in Horticulture (Regular, summer and In-service)
  2. Bachelor (BSc) in Plant sciences  (Regular, summer and In-service)