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What is IP Backup?

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Deep in his or her heart, every computer user knows well that you must make a regular backup of your data and store it in a secure location. After all, your business data is very important and cannot get lost. Business and private files are lost regularly due to a human error. Almost 100% of all users need to recover data that has been lost at least once per year.

Backups are frequently handled by performing tape-backup. Various disadvantages are associated with this, e.g. the storage medium must be replaced every day, tapes are fault sensitive and recovering files is often quite difficult. There are many advantages to IP backup: it is simple to use, involves low costs and secure and effective. The greatest benefit is that no human intervention is needed.

With IP backup data is stored on disk via the internet. The disk is set up elsewhere (e.g. in a data center), but the data is always accessible and available quickly via the internet.

When using tape backup of the entire data-set is created every time. This is actually unnecessary, as only a small percentage of the data changes in practice. IP backup software is able to detect which files are new and which files have changed. It ensures that only the new or altered data What Is My Public IP Address - sent to the backup server. This means you can transport the data to the server over a (slow) Internet connection daily and to keep several copies there. When data is lost you can go back in time and even decide which version you want to restore.

How to select an IP Backup System?

It is good to know that an IP backup system always works excellently during a low load, e.g. the backups of a single user for a couple of days on a test system. Genuine loading such as months of backup history and tens if not hundreds of shared users can have a very detrimental effect on a solution's reliability and performance. Ask the pre-sales experts for a fully fledged test environment or for outstanding references on hundreds of users working simultaneously.