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How Ben Lerer turned email Thrillist into $600 million Group Nine

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Ben Lerer is the CEO of Group Nine. Getty/Jemal Countess

Ben Lerer founded Thrillist and is now the CEO of Group Nine, a digital holding company for four brands: The Dodo, Seeker, Thrillist, and NowThis.

Lerer comes from a family of founders. He works closely with his father, Ken, who cofounded the the Huffington Post, and his sister, Izzie, who founded animal brand The Dodo. But he has some words for people who accuse him of only being successful because he has successful parents.

Discovery recently invested $100 million in Group Nine; the company's valued at nearly $600 million.

Ben Lerer spent his 20s cofounding Thrillist, a local-recommendation site for "civilized bros," and he's now the CEO of digital holding company Group Nine.

Earlier this year he huddled with his father, Huffington Post cofounder Ken Lerer, and sister, The Dodo founder Izzie Lerer, to talk about a crazy idea they code-named "Project Family." That ultimately turned into Group Nine, a merger of four brands: Thrillist, The Dodo, video news network NowThis, and Discovery's science site, Seeker.

The process was difficult and messy.

"This is not deal making for the faint of heart," Lerer told Business Insider's podcast, "Success! How I Did It." "These companies have different boards with different investors, with different priorities. They have different management teams."

But they got it done, and Discovery invested about $100 million in the new entity.

Lerer told us how he went from a self-described "decently spoiled kid" to a digital-media mogul, and What Is My Public IP Address - drives him to be ambitious despite the large shadow his successful father casts.

You can listen to the full interview with him on "Success! How I Did It," here: