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Find My Ip Address

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IP address or Internet Protocol address is an identification number for devices that connect to the Internet (Such as Computers, Servers, cellular phone and in the near future your refrigerator washing machine and more). If an ID number (identification number) or a passport number is used to identify one specific person, an IP address is used to identify one internet connecting. There are cases where more than one device can have the same IP, this happens when one is using a router, a local network (like in offices, companies etc), or a hub. A public IP address is an address that is accessible from anywhere on the Internet, when you are surfing the web and you go from one site to the next you are actually going from 1 IP to the other. A URL is an alphabetical representation of an IP address. Each ISP gets a list of IPs that it can lend or sell to its clients. If you are a regular user your IP is constantly changing as you are only lending the IP when you connect. Many business buy a static IP so that their IP will always remain the same and will not change.

Who has access to my IP address ?

All websites that you surf to can potentially know your IP address - , some sites check what your IP is, and even register it in their security logs in many cases. They do that to keep track of users, so that if a user violates and rules they can go to his ISP (Internet supplier, the guys you pay to have an internet connection) and find out the real person behind the number.

How do I find my IP address ?

The internet is a large place and it contains many websites, there is an abundance of websites that are solely dedicated to letting you know what your IP is. How can you find these sites? Its easy go to your favorite search engine and type my ip, click on one of the many links you will find, wait for the website to open and you will see a number that looks like .