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Class C Ip Address Hosting

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So, with the class C IP address you have better hosting facilities and also most importantly.

With the first three bytes of the Class C network address are dedicated to the network portion of the address with only one byte remaining for the node address. Using the example of the IP address, the first three bytes of the class c network address What Is My Public IP Address - 192.168.100 and the node address is 102.

In a class C network address, the first three bit positions are always the binary 110. The calculation is such that 3 bytes or the 24 bits minus the three reserved positions or the leave positions 21. Hence there are 2^21 or the 2097152 possible class c networks.

Each unique class c network has one byte for using the node address is for the total network of the 254 nodes and the address of the class C network.

Each unique class c network which has one byte to use the node address which leads to the 2^8 or 256 minus the two resolved patterns of all the 0s and all the 1s for the total network address and the broadcast address through the If you want to have one network address then it is preferably the one which should be in the Class C IP address which is considered to be the ideal one.

The valid hosts will be the numbers which will be between the network address and the broadcast address. Class C IP Addresses have a value in the range 192...223 as the first octet. Class C addresses use the first three octets to identify the network which means that 2,080,800 addresses (networks) are possible, each of which can support 254 computers (hosts).

There are lot of techniques with which you can optimize your hosting by using the class C IP address and other hosting techniques. So, its always recommended to use the class C IP addressing techniques. Class C IP addresses are sharing friendly which means that you can share different websites easily.