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Artist Made a LEGO Minifigure Resume of HIMSELF to Stand out from Competitors

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Meet up with the difficult tough career possibilities with a smile. This is what Andy Morris'LEGO Minifigure Resume would exactly do for him. Additionally, it will identify him from others as he employs it presenting his Curriculum vitae. That is quite a question, eh?

Andy Morris, who studied design, graduated lately from the College of South Wales. His design abilities enabled him to produce his LEGO minifigure. "Unwrap your hottest employee", this is one way Andy endorsed himself skillfully to his employers on the outer report packaging.

After unwrapped, the employers will discover Andy's small plastic variation inside some neat presentation that says, "restricted availability&rdquo ;.They would also find his CV typed on the rear of the presentation along with Andy's web site hyperlinks, contact information, and experience.

His lego minifigure is available in a cover, gray pants, and a red jacket. The doll, also, includes a CV and a notebook bag. Morris, who's an interior custom and artist, claims he has "never been happier" in his job life.

The modern enjoyment way which he made will highlight his skills together with his CV and will surely find the eyes of his possible employers.

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