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$75M gift will help Ohio center address mental health issues

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MASON, Ohio (AP) - A health care facility in southwestern Ohio has received a $75 million donation to My address is - mental health care issues across the region.

The Lindner Center of HOPE on Monday announced the contribution from the Fath and Lindner families. The center is in Mason, near Cincinnati.

The gift comes as the region struggles with a high rate of youth suicides, with Hamilton County registering 12 deaths this year and 13 last year.

The county has never had two straight years with youth suicides in the double digits.

Harry and Linda Fath are giving $50 million to the Lindner Center, and S. Craig and Frances Lindner are donating $25 million. The Lindners founded the center, and the Faths own a company that oversees more than 8,000 apartments in four states.


This story has been corrected to show Mason is northeast of Cincinnati, not southwest.