CBE Mission

To serve the community and serving and engaging local, national, and global communities through its cherished and innovative Community Based Education (CBE)

Background & Underlying Principles

Jimma University is the first innovative community-oriented university in Ethiopia, 1983 CBE occupies a key position in the educational programs and research schemes of JiT Community Based Education, CBE is a means of achieving educational relevance to the community needs and consequently of implementing a community oriented educational program, The community-based education provides, multi-disciplinary training and integrates the university with the community.
• CBE in general has enabled the Jimma institute of Technology
 To train professionals in diverse of studies in a community Setting
 To encourage a team approach in treating societal problems
 To work with local communities with greater conviction
 To undertake problem based research activities which take into
Consideration the priority needs of the community


• The students deployed for CBTP/DTTP/TTP/SRP program will be continuously evaluated by peer, supervisors and stakeholders.
• In addition, the mode of evaluation consists of written examination, action plan preparation, reporting and presentation of the results of the CBTP/DTTP/TTP/SRP activities.
• The grading system will be as per Senate Legislation.