JiT to become home of Sports

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Jimma University is undergoing an intensive preparation to host the 9th public universities sport festival. Since the chance was given to it, the University has been exerting its most effort to beautifully host the event.  On the graduation held on the 31st of October, the Oromia Regional State President and the Chair of Jimma University board and the guest of honor for the graduation, Mr. Muktar Kedir visited various sport fields within and outside the campus. Up on the visit, he made a remark that hosting the event would help to bring major economic, social and cultural benefits to Jimma.  The sport event will help to raise Jimma’s profile by contributing to increase recognition of the city as a tourism, education and investment center.

In long term, Mr. Muktar Kedir said, Jimma will have a significant improvement which comes from preparing the event.  The city will have legacy of improved sporting venues that can help to host other regional and national events. The benefit Jimma in hosting the event is not only limited to economic benefit but also social events by creating enthusiasm and excitement among its people. The event will also promote volunteerism which will have a significant contribution to develop civic virtues.

 Mr. Muktar further emphasized that the sport event will also have short term economic benefits such as an increase in spending and injection of money into the city’s economy. In his statement, Mr. Muktar Kedir stressed that the positive outcomes can only come if both the university and the city make a tremendous preparation, if it is otherwise, the results can only be the opposite. 

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