The DTTP Program

Community Service at JiT

Jimma Institute of Technology is extensively involved in various community service activities such as constructing micro-hydrop power plants, rehabilitating educational centers, constructing roads giving and other similar services.

Micro-hydropower Plants

Micro hydro power is types of hydro electric power, micro hydro power is the best renewable energy constructed from water flowing your property that typically produces from 5kw to 100kw of electricity using the natural flow of water, Jimma Institute of Technology is constracted 3 Micro hydro power around jimma zone
 Toli Kerso Kebele, Kersa Woreda 15kw
 Leku Shebe Sonebo werda 20kw
 Gera Dusta upgrading 7kw

Basic Services to the Community

At Hawwi Gudina primary school 120 students served by this water supply.3/4 inch pipe is installed from sub branch distribution lines the total length of pipe is 170 from sun branch up to school compound. The installation process carried out 80cmunder road and 50cm out of road. The fund has been come both from school of committee and society.

Ethiopian electric corporation has estimated total cost of 110,707.61 ETB for 20 residents out of 46 residents considering availably power nearby. According to the above estimation 20 customers paid in Ethiopian electric corporation account number.