Architecture & Urban Planning

Brief Overview

In Ethiopia, analyzing the development of urban areas will result to a non-planned development. This is due to the lack of manpower in architectural field. It is the aim of Jimma University, Institute of Technology to fill the gap by providing professional architect who are equipped with the state of the art knowledge in architecture locally and nationally.

The Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, under the supervision of the Jimma Institute of Technology opened on 2007Ethiopian Academic Calendar. Architecture will focus on design and planning of vertical structure and design of furniture while urban planning will focus on developing a guide to socioeconomic development of urban centers.


In line with the mission and vision of the Jimma University, the following are the objectives of the department of Architecture:

  1. Acquisition of mastery of comprehensive architectural knowledge, both in theory and practice and proficiency of skills necessary in the  practice of architecture

  2. Formation of graduates with keen sense of history and culture in line with preservation of the architectural heritage of the country.

  3. Development of knowledge and skills in information technology to meet the challenges of the profession in line with globalization

  4. Inculcation of professional ethics, values, attitudes and sense  of responsibility to develop holistic graduates

  5. Development of graduates sensitive and responsive to the needs and demands of borderless society

  6. Instillation and promotion of a culture of research among graduates

Services Offered 

We are planning to create proposal on giving consultation in private and public construction. Once the department is fully settled, consultation, materials testing and others will be given as a way of creating fund for the department.